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  • TRP Spyre – bearing feels rough?
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    I just bought a set of brand new TRP Spyre brakes. As I first checked them I noticed that when I pull the arm with my hands the movement of it feels a bit notchy, not smooth, and it also makes a bit of noise. It feels like a worn out, or really bad quality bearing. I can kind of feel it at the lever too.

    Is this normal or did I get a bad set?

    It’s a Spyre-C, which is the OEM version according to the TRP website (I bought it because it’s all black).

    I bought it straight from Taiwan on eBay, do you guys think that might be the source of my problem? 🙂

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    Sounds normal for Spyres TBH; once on the bike you won’t be able to tell.

    You can take them apart and clean/regrease them easily enough if you want though

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    Strip and grease smoothed mine out noticeably. They were bone dry new and quite notchy.

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    Thanks for the help everyone!

    Yeah, the movement of the arm feels notchy, that’s the best word to describe it.

    I don’t have the wheels yet so I only tried the brake with simply just a lever attached, with the disc in the arm probably moves so little that I won’t feel the notchiness, but I might still strip the brakes down and grease them so I sleep better at night.

    So weird that the bearings come bone dry from the factory… ❓

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