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  • Premier Icon jam bo

    Just tried one on and suprised how comfy and well fitting it is.

    Any real world experience of how hot it runs? Doesn’t look like it vents very well…

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Not tried mine in any really warm conditions yet, though it was pretty warm last weekend but its been ok so far.

    Some opinions from others here when I asked the same question.

    Oh, they are phenomenally comfy compared to everything else I’ve tried, which is most of the helmets with a bit more coverage, though they do look a little try hard 🙂


    It’s bloody warm..
    Other then that I love it.
    Light and fits like a glove even on my hugeeeeeee noggin.


    It can get a little hot but given how bloody comfy it is I really don’t care. Best helmet I’ve ever owned!

    Premier Icon Gordymac

    Can’t say much more that what’s been said above. Yeah it can get warm sometimes but what helmet doesn’t.
    Without a doubt he comfiest best fitting helmet I’ve ever owned and who cares if it runs slightly hotter than other helmets when you have such great protection on your head?
    Fwiw I still use my old xen for night riding and it’s only then that you realise how good the A1 is.


    Are they hotter than say an urge enduro magic?


    hows the sizing? is it what they say it is (if that makes sense but some manufacturers dont)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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