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  • Premier Icon fathomer

    Any advice on the above? I’m really struggling to find something that fits my head but the A1 does, really well.

    However, worried that it’ll be quite warm, which the reviews I’ve read back up. It’s also pretty spendy and not the best looking, it’ll be the new grey one as it’s the best of a bad bunch.

    Failing that any other recommendations, I’ve tried the following:

    Giro Feature & Hex
    Urge AM
    661 Reacon
    IXS RS Trail
    Poc Trabec

    I’m going to order both a Mavic Notch and Scott Mystic but my head is obviously funny shaped! My old Met was never particularly comfy either! 🙁


    had mine on today, only got it last week, had a buff underneath (shaved head/bald dad) was never hot,

    it fits very very well, compared to the giro athlon it replaced its night and day, if its too hot come summer ill use the giro,

    got mine from Rutland – £108 at the moment, which seemed a fair price

    i bought yellow 🙂—gloss-black.aspx


    Same as above, but with a thick, full, lustrous head of hair? 😉
    I found no problem with it being too hot!
    Very comfy!


    warmer than a giro xen or similar but not as hot as a piss pot so depends on how hot you get and how manageable you find this. This coming from the OH who HAD to buy one when he tried one on at leisure lakes…. on the plus side I got to have his fox helmet off him!


    Mine is fine. Rode with it over summer and it didn’t feel any hotter than my old Xen or even my road helmet.

    Great helmet. Buy it.

    You tried a Bell Super?

    I just got one the other week & love it!

    Neat Go-Pro mount that goes in place of a vent is a nice touch.


    I just bought the A1 last week, coming from a Giro Xar, I bought the Yelllow one too 😀
    I do tend to sweat quite a bit but after 2 rides it seems fine.
    Like above if it’s too hot in the summer I’ll just go back to the Xar.
    Got mine from Je James for £105 but it was the last one in that size & colour!


    yellow ftw

    Premier Icon cardo

    The comfiest thing I’ve ever worn , heat wise it seems ok never felt over heated in it or the need to remove it to wring it out… Same as above if it becomes too hot for the Summer months then I’ll revert back to something more vented to suit.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Thanks for all the responses, going to order one and see what I think.

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