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  • Premier Icon Mike_T


    After some opinions from some liberator owners on the led combo, just about to order the endurance pack

    Is it really an issue

    Well the 3 set up is obviously no use as you can’t see the guy with the dog!

    ..or did they get vaporised?


    My choice would be 3+3 (2nd photo)

    Premier Icon Paulio

    I went for the combo in the second photo and am more than happy with the performance. To my eyes it is more white in real life than in the photo, if you get what I mean.

    Aside from the matter-melting output (and even on the lowest setting) it is the really even beam pattern that makes it a great light.

    Premier Icon CHB

    I have one of the first ones with all 6 the same.
    Its a bit floody for my tastes, but fantastic pool of light.
    I keep meaning to drop it into Trouts for the LED/lenses to be tweaked to make it a bit more narrow beam and longer reach.

    Premier Icon trout

    I would say it depends a lot on your regular riding terrain

    in the woods 3+3 is nice
    on the open moorland the all 6 XPGs for the extra lumens as the moors seem to suck up the light .

    Conrad drop it in when in the area and I will sort it .

    Premier Icon CHB

    The spread is very good if riding in a group, it gives a pool of light that all can share!

    [actually more a lake of light!]


    6 XPG’s in my lib 3.0, well pleased with it, not seen a 3+3 in the ‘flesh’ so can’t comment.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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