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  • legend

    I’m sure this subjest was covered fairly recently, but I couldn’t find the right thread.

    Looking for something to take the edge off the cold really. Generally wear Endura Hummvee shorts, but they are a bit chilly these days! Don’t have to be waterproof, just not too bulky, not overly warm (part of my commute is indoors, uphill, on a singlespeed)

    Endura Hummvee, Firefly or Singletrack trousers seem the obvious choice, but am I missing any others?

    P.S. Hoping to avoid tights due to them probably being baggy on my chicken legs

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    Try some legwarmers. Ideal for the spring when mornings are cold and afternoons less so.


    Ditto the above.

    Depends how cold tho, my endura thermolite bib 3/4s are the daddy for cold commutes (and rides in general). Soft and furry on the inside, being bibs no gap to get your back/belly cold.


    My mind is boggled by your indoors uphill commute. Do you ride up a multi storey car park?


    Or an escalator on the Northern Line?


    I’m currently using endura tech pants for my commute. Have been perfect given the recent weather!

    Although I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can get back into shorts.


    The commute 🙂 (not me in the video)


    It’s usually a few degrees warmer inside there than out, no wind chill as well of course so you can find yourself getting pretty warm!

    hadn’t really considered knee warmers, could be worth a look. The idea of being able to chop n change is handy


    Keela Scuffer

    Got a few pairs and they are ace, Scottish Mountain rescue use Keela gear, its good kit. 🙂


    I have some altura ones but the fit is a bit MC Hammer. I actually like my Ronhills – warm enough, dry quick and pack small.

    full length i.e.kneelengh ski socks 3/4 endura thermal bib tights and fullleng the humvees over top -sorted
    if its really cold{in other words that cold that appearances dont matter} Craft winter leggins [if its more than-5 they’re too warm]

    Premier Icon stratman

    My singletrack trousers are fine from Oct to April – and I wear them on both road and mountain rides

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    If Surface still do their trews they work very well. Not waterproof but they shed water well and dry quick. Very light and stretchy, they look like regular trousers but don’t feel disimilar to lycra to wear. With a base layer under they are warm enough for properly chilly weather, but without you could wear them in the summer.

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