Tripster ATR finally built up – lush!

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  • Tripster ATR finally built up – lush!
  • Premier Icon somafunk

    Finally got my Tripster ATR built up last night and it’s lush, only been across the town on it but heading out this afternoon up into the Galloway hills for a proper shakedown test over forestry roads and my mtb trails.

    In true stw fashion before i’d even ridden it i upgraded the mechs to Ultegra, and fitted a Fizik Aliante Kium saddle, i imagine a middleburn crankset and royce BB will be getting fitted very soon.

    It’s not my garage door and plant pots it’s propped against but i’ll pass on all comments and criticisms to my parents who’ll take them on board then casually disregard all suggestions.

    Needless to say the stem height/spacers will be sorted out when i get my position dialled in, possibly for an enve stem/handlebar if i sell an unused singlespeed mtb.


    That looks properly awesome btw!


    Took one out for a ride today, absolutely fantastic

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Looking mighty fine! Mine’s on the workstand in the garage at the moment – very excited too. It’s going to be a super-commuter (replacing the much loved Tripster alloy that did thousands of miles. Ultegra groupo, deep rim wheels, TRP Spyre brakes (when they eventually arrive in the UK…), SKS mudguards – isn’t the frame beautifully finished?! Thanks for posting the pics up.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    OMG, that is the first bike I have seen on here in while that I actually want to own & I’m proper jealous of, super sexy, top job!

    Premier Icon Andy

    Wow that’s nice!

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Cheers peeps, T’iz a looker but there’s more than good looks lurking under that shiny exterior.

    Just in from a 60mile+ galloway road/path/track/singletrack ride and all i can say is “wow!…… i wanna go right back out again”. It handled everything i rode with a shrug as if to say “is that it?” and never left me feeling underbiked at any point despite hitting some pretty rough trails and paths – very very smooth to ride on these dodgy roads compared to my previous bike and kinesis are onto a winner with this one

    I do need to fit a shorter stem than the 95mm one fitted as i’ve a wee bit of upper neck pain but this is the furthest i’ve rode for years so i am extremely happy, my only other road bike has been this old indian fire trail mtb frame done up as a ss roadie thing which absolutely broke me on anything more than 20miles as it was so stiff and unforgiven to ride.

    This is the first time i’ve had a proper roadie type bike with drop bars so I’ll fit an 80mm stem with a 15dg rise if i can find a suitably pimp one and move my saddle forward a wee bit but these things take time to sort out so i’ll make minor adjustments t’morn and head back out.

    Now….where will be go t’morn?………… 😀

    Premier Icon jameso

    tis nice that )


    Sweet ride!

    Really nice, saw that when I picked up my Sync frame, the trouble is I want one of those too! No money left over now though 🙁

    Kinesis Maxlight Sync Ti 29er by South Downs MTB Skills, on Flickr

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Your sync looks “gert lush” as well though so it’s not as if you are left with an ugly duckling, i noticed your thread the other day. Kinesis seem to be building/designing some really sweet bikes these days and specifically for the UK market which is nice to see, helluva decent value for the quality of the frame and build components.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Somafunk, was that a complete bike or just a frame that you built up?

    Suffering a great deal of bike envy here.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    T’was a complete bike, using the tripster alloy build kit from Upgrade bikes with the exception on fitting ultegra mechs and the Fizik saddle/kInesis carbon post.

    Did nr’ enough 70 miles yesterday, out at 6am this morning for a few hours in the early morning summer haze before i had to help out on a mates farm, back out this afternoon and did the 7stanes Hardrock trail at Dalbeattie up to the slab without any hesitation or “oh-shit” moments at all, i passed a few folk on the trail which did raise a few eyebrows and comments when they met me further on, from there i cut down to Kippford to play about on the coastal and hill paths to Rockliff and finally back through the forest and home. Admittingly i have also been back out t’night for a couple of hours (just in door now) and i have finally put the bike back in the bedroom as i’m so shattered i can barely keep my eyes open – so that’s a total mileage well into 3 figures…..I can’t wait to get back on it t’morn for the journey along the river to work 😀 , i might take the extended off road long route.

    I’ve got a v-nice cove hummer no-expense spared build that i’ve posted up on here before that rides fantastic and i love it but at this moment if i had to choose to save only one bike or just own one bike i’d choose the Tripster without the slightest hesitation as it is just utterly amazing, i certainly didn’t hang about on the trails at Dalbeattie but it handled everything on the trail with obvious room to push it that bit more if i wanted, descending on drops down the scree slope on the first bit of singletrack was an arse twitchy experience but the bike handled it without any O-M-G moments.

    Everyone needs a bike like this, really you do!…….

    hey somafunk – tell me more as it’s now on my radar as a new commuter – i’m thinking ultegra build with Reynolds SLG 41mm carbons.
    discs, please advise ????

    Premier Icon D0NK

    is this the one with the chopped too short fork steerer or was that someone else?

    Nice that, my only complaint is why do kinesis think ATRs should benefit form BB cable routing but pro6s get stupid top tube routing?!!!! 👿

    somafunk – any updates available from your experience of the bike ?

    or anyone else that has one ???? gonetothehills ?


    Just to throw my two penneth in.

    It’s fantastic!! Handles dirt and road equally fantastically, at speed. Rode the SDW the other day Petersfield to Lewes and despite stupidly having my tyres at 60psi it was faultless. Most comfortable bike I’ve ever been on.

    I built it 1 x 10 for simplicity but may go 2 x 10 compact soon cause it always seems to want to go faster. Really climbs well also.

    My only slight niggle has been the TRPs with an icetech rotor. I’ve had a slight judder when braking at low speeds. No idea what that is, maybe pads?

    I’d be very surprised if anyone buying an ATR was less than happy with it.


    is this the one with the chopped too short fork steerer or was that someone else?

    Someone else.

    Smashing….looks a great bike, sounds fun too!


    Very nice, im looking at getting one of these as a long distance fast commuter.

    Is that the 57? Im struggling to decide between the 57 or 54, if you dont mind me asking how tall are you? inside leg etc. Thanks

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Hmm?…….Not really got anything extra to say or add to what i’ve posted already but i’m still in complete and utter love with the bike, now that i’ve got my position dialled in it is an absolute joy to ride for any distance and over pretty much any terrain (dependant on what tyres i have fitted). I dunno how (or if?) it would be possible to improve the package?, the Kinesis wheels are excellent, surprisingly lightweight and i’ve not had a problem with them at all despite some pretty rough handling and none too delicate single track riding on places such as dalbeattie/kirroughtree red routes and very rough first and wild trails/track throughout Galloway and up Aviemore way.

    I took both my Tripster and my Hummer up to Aviemore back at the start of may for a weeks holiday (beautiful sun for the entire week) and i have to admit that i only rode my hummer once – for all the other riding i choose the Tripster as it just made perfect sense on the huge variety of trails up there, some of the descents were rather tricky but it was fun carefully picking a line down some of the hills and when it came to the forest road or smooth path sections you could really wind it up to speed and it held the line with no trouble.

    I have a full Ultegra build on mine now with a Lynskey Ti/enve-clamp seat post and Thomson stem/woodchipper bars, not that there was anything wrong in the slightest with the build kit it came with but you know…….being a bike tart and all that it seemed a natural progression to change absolutely everything. I was going to change the Tektra Lyra brakes but they are so good that i cannot find any reason to change them, genuine one finger braking when in the drops and they are so easy to modulate that it’s easy to perform a show-off stoppie at junctions (now i’ve said that i bet the next time i try it i’ll end up picking my teeth out of the tarmac). I would like some nice polished silver alloy brake callipers but if that’s my only reason then i’ll stick to the Lyras for now.

    From cycling around Galloway and being stopped by various peeps interested in the bike i know i have contributed to the sale of 2 Tripsters, there was someone up at Aviemore (forget his name – keen road cyclist, think he has a De Rosa) who works in the Cairngorm Mountain Sports shop who i got talking to as he noticed it sitting outside when i was upstairs eating cake, we had a long chat about it and i let him head off for a ride around – needless to say he came back with a huge grin on his face and said that’s exactly the type of bike he wants for mini tours around the highlands so i hope he bought one (so perhaps i’ve sold 3 of them…i should be on commission)

    Just buy one, i guarantee you will not be disappointed in the slightest.

    Some more pics to whet your appetite. 😀

    How it was set up with my Tubus Fly Ti rack , 35mm Clement Xplor tyres and mudguards for winter commute to work duties.

    How it is currently set up with Clement Strada 28mm road slicks.

    EDIT : I choose the 54cm, my inside leg is 31″ish and my height is 5ft 6″ (i used to be 5ft 9″ till i fked my spine) – it came with a set back Kinesis carbon post but i fitted an inline Lynskey seat post and a Thompson 10×90 stem with 20mm of spacers, fits me perfect, i didn’t fancy the 51cm as i thought it may be too small.

    Which wheels did you select and what tyre sizes fit ?
    I’m wanting mine set up with 28c for commuting and am looking at a set of Reynolds assault slgs.
    More details please somafunk if you don’t mind.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    I went for the Kinesis full build so it came with the Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc wheelset, i was recently looking at other disc specific wheel sets but unless i spend silly amounts of money then there is absolutely no point for minimal weight savings.

    I’ve used tyres from 23mm roadie tyres through to 40mm Clement Xplor MSO and there is clearance to go bigger if you like, i’m pretty sure there is clearance for up to 50mm or 1.8″.

    Give Matt at Upgrade bikes a call and ask him, he’s really helpful.

    Thanks. If I went with 25 or 28c on the CX disc wheel set, would the tyres be a bitch to fig and would they bed affected by profile ?
    Sorry for all my questions….. The Reynolds wheels will cost another 1000 if I went for them. Thud total bike can be had from kinesis for about 2300 with your wheels, 105 and fast finishing kit which looks pretty good value.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    I can fit all my tyres from a 23mm through to the 40mm without the use of a tyre lever, the rims are a tad wider than the usual roadie style but that can only be a good thing.

    I’d forget about the fancy carbon reynolds wheels if it was me, perhaps buy two sets of the kinesis crosslight wheels with discs and a cassette fitted and have one set with chunky off road tyres and one set with skinny road tyres so it’s a quick swap when the mood takes you – that’s what i’m going to do very soon.

    A good idea but it will live on 28c I reckon. I’ll have a think but the kinesis CX wheelset is obviously very adaptable which is a good thing.
    I’m going to go ultegra. Should I go di2……?

    Premier Icon somafunk

    I wouldn’t, why complicate a possible bombproof and reliable build with expensive and unnecessary components that may take a knock or break if you have a small off.

    Have you seen the price of Ultegra di2 mechs/shifters? and then you’ve got the hassle of charging etc – i want my build to be reliable and if i choose to head off on a long tour i don’t have to worry about charging a battery.

    My thoughts too…….
    It’s a versatile machine , no doubt !

    Thanks Soma, what you have described so far really has made me want to get it even more, it sounds just what i am after.

    I am 5’10” 1/2 with a 32.8″ inseam, ive got long legs and a short upper so im pushing towards the 54 which actually has a 55 tt. I currently ride a 56 Genesis Equilibrium but have a 90mm stem on it.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Forget di2.. Just whack 105 on it and spend the saving on some nice road wheels and a 29er wheelset for off road.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Sorry – a little late to the Tripster update party, but mine’s nigh on 3,500 miles old now, having got it just under a year ago (see near the top of the thread).

    I’m 5’11”, 31″ inside leg and am very glad I went for the 54. I don’t have lots of post showing and run, I think, a 90mm stem.

    In short, it’s an utterly superb bike. I stripped my carbon road bike down within a few months as I wasn’t riding it and am now down to just two bikes in the garage – this and the old 456 that’s brought a spark back to my mountain biking. The Tripster robbed every spare hour I had for bike rides… 🙂

    I commute once or twice a week on it (22m each way, lanes, cycle paths and a few main roads), done a bit of light touring (Cheshire Cycleway 180m in a couple of days), long days out (92m the weekend before last at a decent lick around the lanes), a bit of light offroad, but in fairness, hardly pushed its skills in that area. I rag around after work for an hour or two and have some nice Strava times, I take it out in all weathers, ride it where and when I want.

    It’s a proper bike – like what you ‘ad when you were a kid. None of this ‘hardtail / full suss / downhill / enduro / BMX / roadie / fixie / tourer / commuter’ rubbish. It’s just a really, really good bike.

    Standard autumn, winter, spring build is the latest spec Kinesis CX Disc wheels (light, strong, pretty) with 28mm Conti Gatorskins, or maybe some 4 Seasons if I’m feeling flush in a few months. SKS mudguards, full Ultegra 5700, TRP Spyres, Ritchey WCS carbon bars and post, Ritchey 90mm stem, Gusset saddle (the Spoon-a-like), Time Carbon/Ti MTB pedals.

    Summer time (see Maureen checking it out last Sunday, above) – guards off, 25mm Gatorskins on. I think it’s 17,5lbs at the mo. Can’t complain at that.

    It’s quick, sprints, climbs, descends, ride all day comfy. It is absolutely without fault. Dunno how Dom did it, but it rockets away when you press on, yet never does that carbon ‘pea on a drum’ thing on the rougher roads. I bought it as an early 40th present to myself – the old alloy Tripster did me proud and convinced me of the benefits of a disc braked, do it all road bike, but this one takes it to a whole new level.

    Bah – I’ve been found out. It’s an absolute corker; you really won’t be disappointed. I’ve ridden some very nice bikes in the last 20 something years and the Tripster’s the best of the lot.

    Somafunk: yours looks the business. Really pleased you’re still enjoying it so much too.

    Kinesis Tripster ATR by South Downs MTB Skills, on Flickr

    Well I ended up getting one too, super capable, just an absolute blast to ride! I’ve got the Upgrade bike build on mine, but I have changed the cranks for some 105 ones as the FSA ones were too flexy for my taste.

    You won’t be disappointed! I’m just trying to find the perfect 40c ish tyre for it. It has 32c on it at the moment and when I previously rode the demo it had some 40c on it and it was amazing off road. They were Schwlbe Smart Sam’s though and I didn’t really like them on road.


    [url=]IMG_4433[/url] by Birdage, on Flickr

    Go on then as this has turned into an ATR love-in!
    Mine gets very muddy on a regular basis.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Try the Clement X’Plor MSO, I have the 120tpi MSO in 40mm and it’s great for off road and rough fire road blasts.


    Will post pictures of mine up later!

    Have been lucky enough to have ridden stacks of different bikes over the years but safe to say this is easily the best thing I have thrown my leg over. Would sell the kids before this now!

    Although I am 6’3″ tall I went for the 57cm which was definitely the right move for me. Had justridingslong make me up 3 wheels: kings on archetype h pros with another paired to an sp dynamo hub. Trp spyres fitted and are amazing. Will upgrade cranks to rotor 3d next year. 105kit on it atm which is more than adequate!

    Put 32c small block 8s on it sand did the Welsh c2c on it (well, 149miles of it in sub 24hours) and doing the c2c sportiv this weekend with 28c conti 4 seasons. Its ability off road is stunning and now having frame bags made for a 1000 mile continental shelf supported adventure next year.

    Only negative thing is the underside down tube decals. Need to replace mine as looking tatty now. Will heli tape over New ones.

    As above, bb routed brake hose would be better and an on-board rear brake mount looks better imho.

    If you get the chance get one.

    going weak at the knees here !

    how well are the kinesis wheels with the suplied WTB tyres on road ???

    i’ve a 25km commute each way but “could” mix some fire road into it if i went for those wheels…..?


    The Kinesis Ti bikes really are special, I’m lucky enough to have the Sync 29 but would love the Tripster as a commuter and SDW all dayer. Currently doing a lot of commuting miles a on a 26 MTB skinny rigid conversion, the bike envy is doing my head in.

    @ hummerlicious… that’s a beauty, what’s saddle bag you got on there? What’s getting more use at the moment… Sync or Tripster?

    Premier Icon sanername

    Ooooh, a tripster love in…. Can I play:

    Untitled by sanename, on Flickr

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