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  • Triple to Double chainset question
  • rp16v

    yeas works fine as i have had same setup on mine for about 2 years


    You can swap the big ring for a bash bit are you sure you won’t run out of gears? I swapped a few months ago but upped the middle ring to 36T and find myself using the full spread of gears on non challenging DH sections.

    it’s a good point. It’s a 9 speed. but I think I don’t use that big ring enough.
    Any recommended bash guards?


    i use a lovley light alloy bonty one i got from the bike jumble pleny about for not much cash


    I swapped my outer ring for a bash over two years ago and never missed it. I’d go for it.

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    Different bashrings for different jobs. I like my Gamut one, it weighs nothing and looks nice but you wouldn’t want to bash it too often. My old BBG one was basically just a chain catcher, useless as a bash but that’s fine, that’s what it’s for. the Hemlock does take a few hits on its bashring so it’s got an E13 Turbocharger, which is light, strong, and kinda expensive…

    Don’t stress too much about it. You don’t actually need one at all, and most work well anyway so it just comes down to weight, price, and suitability. Also size- I’d say get a 36 tooth one in case you decide to up the chainring size.


    I have a Blackspear one but not sure of exact model. They’re pretty similar to E13 turbocharger and about the same price – I’d get something like that.

    I’ve got a triple on my bike and am increasingly of the opinion that a double would do the job. it’s partly to do with that big not often used outer ring that keeps licking at my calf every now and then.

    Can I replace that ring with a bash guard?

    It’s a Deore Hollowtech II btw

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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