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  • Premier Icon sadexpunk

    mates been trying to source some and cant find any. so he asked me to ask you 🙂

    (amazing the reverence non-bikey people have for this forum too :-))

    anyone know where you get it from?


    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    surely his trust in you wasnt misplaced? :-/

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    thanks drac

    knew i could rely on someone 🙂

    Rationel, Nor-Dan, Fakro, Russell, green building store.
    That should also get you started.


    sure you need triple glazing? we get road and pub noise but ended up with think it is K glass(pilkingtons) standard double glaze- thermal insulating / noise reflecting now that was 6 years agos and technolgy has moved on – we left in some older bathroom windows albeit double glazed and you can hear the difference (thermal wise draft past kn0b can’t tell)

    Premier Icon Drac

    knew i could rely on someone

    I used my friend Google.


    K glass is standard now, you’re not allowed to use normal DG in a residential property any more I dont think, however it doesnt have any more noise reflecting abilities than normal DG.

    why? IIRC glass is a better conductor of heat and noise than air, so there is no benefit to the third layer of glass.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    do a search on the green building forum for triple glazing – they have dug out some good (cheaper and good quality) suppliers.

    FWIW, I would look carefully at Triple Glazing – only worth it if a) rest of the building envelope is to super-duper insulation and air tightness standards and b) you are North of about the Peak (As a rough rule of thumb). Assuming these windows are going on a new super-duper low energy house, then they rock 8)

    K glass is standard now

    I did not know that a single (crap) brand and glass model was specified in the UK…. Pilkingtons K-glass also has less heat keeping properties than many of the competitors, lower light transmittance and a right odd smokey colour.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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