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  • Tried Hairspray..what else?
  • burnsybhoy

    Tried the Mrs green can extra hold hairspray for putting on grips.

    The lhs one has worked perfectly but the right hand side is just not sticking using the same method.

    What else can I try?


    Clean the inside of the grip properly with a rag before doing it, unless they’re really loose it’ll then just take time for the goo to set. I have found, however, that with hairspray they come loose again when it rains :S


    Before the technical wonder that is the lock-on grip, i used to spit in mine!

    I used mr sheen to great effect, surprisingly.


    lock on grips and a hex key?


    WD40 works but does work loose when wet, Some clear laquer will work if you have that also


    I have exactly the same problem, lhs a bit loose. I think its a case of cleaning it out first.


    You need the bars and grips to be clean and then spray only a bit on your finger, then wipe it inside the grip. Too much and it takes ages to set.

    But you can get lock-ons for £7-£8 these days which saves untold faffage

    artists adhesive spray works well.


    Is the grip area on the bars shot peened? if it is I would get lock-on grips.
    If it’s smooth try giving them a clean and put them on with water.

    Premier Icon Wally

    Wot Shinsplints said. It makes lock on grips redundant. WD40 dissolves the glue.


    Aerosol paint works well or wire them on. Lock ons really though,

    Have you tried using spray mount or display mount.


    i speg on mine


    Petrol or meths. Evaporates really quickly and the grip just sticks properly as there’s nothing else to get wet and slippy like with hair spray.


    Yeah, 3M spray mount works a treat.

    mr frosty

    gt85 them on then lockwire job done, lighter than lock ons and more choice of grips 😆

    colnagokid – Member
    Before the technical wonder that is the lock-on grip, i used to spit in mine!

    yep me too.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Never suffered from rotating grips in almost 20 years, have I led a charmed life?

    I just use GT85 to slip it on and it seems to dissolve and stay put.


    GT 85 really does work for both keeping them on and taking them off! Failing that, Lock ons!

    I use puncture repair glue to put mine on with, seems to work well.

    Just clean your grips and bars first and add a small blob to the inside of the grip. Then twist it as you put it on to spread the glue out and it should stick quite quickly.


    “Wot Shinsplints said. It makes lock on grips redundant.”
    Not if you want to take your single bolt clamp brake lever or shifter off the bars, or swap the bars it doesn’t. They really do make it easy peasy


    as a former bike shop mechanic with 6 years experience of doing this and other mundane tasks i would say, gt85, clean the bars and spray a small amount inside the grip, slide on, leave for 10 to 30 mins depending on how easy/hard it was to get them on and then go ride, if you are using a set of grips which have previously been slip sliding around your bars then nothing short of spray glue will keep em on, if you dont want to use lock-on grips then get some bmx grips as they are usually a tighter fit, big cheese grips are what i use and they never slide and only have a small flange, hehehehehehe flange!


    Insect repellant. Not too much though cos it’ll dissolve the whole grip.


    PPfffttt! He said ‘flange’!! 😆

    Some have stayed on remarkably well, with spit. Simple single compound rubber ones often don’t need owt else. Dual compound ones tend to be more problematic, I’ve found.

    Is the grip area on the bars shot peened?

    This can be a right ****, as the grip does not in any way have a smooth surface to adhere to. In which case, use Superglue, ‘cos the bastards will still slip, no matter what you do. It will be part of a conspiracy against you, too. Or try Lock-Ons.

    It’s FC Twente past Midnight Oil, and I’m involved in a discussion on how to get grips to stick.

    Surely there is more to life?

    What about a nice picture? I’ve always found this Seurat classic to be strangely settling.

    Ah, Pointilisme…

    Premier Icon mboy

    GT85 again here

    Though I will state that some grips are way more prone to slip than others. The Lizard Skins Charger grips I’ve got on one bike now though are staying put nicely.

    Clean the area thoroughly, spray some GT85 over the bar, and some in the grip, slide on to desired position, and leave it overnight. That’s all I’ve ever done, and it works for me! Mind you, it can also depend on the bars you’re using. I’ve got Easton Carbon’s on one bike (quite a smooth finish, though not as smooth as some ally bars) and Easton EA70’s on the other (nice rough textured finish which is ideal).


    buy lock ons or reduce your grip to that of a newborn baby 😛


    If it helps its a Easton EA50 bar and Oury Mtb grips.

    Cleaned out the inside of the grip so going to try some of the above suggestions.

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