Trials bike knowers- HALP!

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  • Trials bike knowers- HALP!
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    Alright so, I have a little Onza Bird trials mod bike, which I never ride because I’m absolutely useless on it. So I’ve decided to spruce it up and sell it on, so I can buy some other bike I won’t ride.

    But anyway, it has a bent handlebar, and I’m coming up with nothing trying to replace it- they’re 28.6mm and that seems to be weird now. Or am I missing something obvious? Basically I just want to throw something cheap and usable on it to get it fit for sale.

    So, yeah. Any suggestions?


    Take a look at TartyBikes – might be able to get the right bar there or at least get a new bar with compatible stem.

    Premier Icon Bigmantrials

    Unfortunately I think you are a little knackered, I think it was Brisa who had the 28.6 bar, but they no longer exist and everyone has moved onto 31.8. How bent is it? A T-bird is unlikely to sell for much money, best option I woukd see is to trawl eBay or maybe the trials section of pinkbike for a new stem and bars.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Ah har, cheers woody- I want black ones (it’s a very black bike) but that’s set me off in a better direction, think I’ll find what I need now.

    @Bigman, tbh it owes me about £75 at the moment, it’s a slightly older front disc model so I think it’s worth sprucing up just a little but yeah, I’m not going to get rich 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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