Trends you've followed that you wish you hadn't?

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  • Trends you've followed that you wish you hadn't?
  • Road riding. It’s ruining my life.

    burly all mountain bikes. They have there place, but that place is not in the South of England.

    LOL @ the consecutive posts. My 35lb Alpine 160 is getting dusty as I spend most of my time out on my new road bike on the lanes of Oxfordshire 😀 (I dont regret either).

    Only thing Ive bought from a flock mentality is a Charge Spoon on offer at Wiggle, given I love WTB Silverados don’t know why I even bothered experimenting. Sold it to a mate after one ride-far too hard for me, whereas the silverado has a more flexible shell with cutaways.


    Tubeless. Just not for me.


    Merino is mine.

    Rubbish sweaty woolly jumper, made me feel uncomfy and dim for believing the hype.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Alcohol. A very thin line between stupid & clever.

    Not wearing earplugs at clubs, gigs and on motorbikes. Pardon?

    High Rollers. Worst. Tyre. Ever.

    British motorbikes. There is a very good reason why all those wonderful old British bike firms failed.
    They sold awful, unreliable, vibratory, outdated piles of shite.


    Horst link bikes. Read MBR, had three different ones. Now have 2 single pivots and they are the funnest bikes ever. I am sure there are terrible single pivot ones and great HL ones but that will teach me to buy a bike on magazine guff advice alone.

    Also indie/alt/metal-fan undercuts with long hair (think whatsisface from the Wonder Stuff or Jason Newstead from Metallica) all though my teens till age 21. So wrong.

    And for the guitarists, in the mid to late 90’s I was also wont to compensate for my lack of skillz with over-use of silly effects pedals. (super phaser through a digitech whammy and 2 second delay? ooh, suits you sir!). Seriously, I took longer to set up than the drums. 😳


    1. Schwalbe tyres. Expensive & Fragile.
    2. Fizik Gobi. Horrendous arse pain.
    3. Short stem, wide bars on an XC bike. Rode really well until the point where it would unpredictably and violently throw me OTB.
    4. SPD’s. Much prefer the feeling on flats.
    5. Double and bash. Not fit enough to pull a 36t ring and missed the 44t on road. Lasted 2 rides then went on the classifieds.


    No intention of going 29er…

    Or 650b for that matter.


    Gaggia Classic. Since ditched and reverted to instant. Kenco Millicano FTW!


    The trend is over.

    And gone forever?


    Riding Retro bikes – the fun was in sourcing the parts and building the bike to look perfect… riding it was an unpleasant and expensive experience.

    I’m much happier now I’m riding breaking modern bikes 😉


    Full suss. Overrated, expensive, breakable, limited benefits, cursed. And this is just for me before you get all upset.

    Both full suss bikes I owned just gave me pain, suffering and heartache. I parted with both of them with tears in my eyes.

    I believed the hype with Charge Spoon saddles and liked em so much I have em on both bikes


    Tragically dropper seatposts and huge wide bars for me.

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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