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  • Trek UK Warranty email address?
  • sp

    Can anybody here let me have the Trek UK warranty email address? I have mailed them via the suggestions link on there website but not had a response to-date. I cant phone them during normal office hours. I do have a email in my profile if want to contact me.

    Assistance is very much appreciated.


    When I had a warranty issue with my Trek about five years ago I had to go via the LBS Trek dealer rather than direct even though I'd have rather of gone direct. Even though this was slower it was all sorted in the end.

    Paul McG

    As above – go via LBS Trek dealer.

    I cracked an EX9 frame. LBS (Alpine in Edinburgh) sorted the warranty very helpfully and efficiently.

    Interestingly, the EX9 was itself a warranty replacement for a Klein that got 'lost' by the courier when being returned to Trek for some TLC. No quibbles that time either, and none this time either despite the lack of proof of purchase etc.

    Overall, Trek warranty support seem to be good guys to me.



    Trek warranty for my experience is good, but there are a couple of details. One you ideally need an invoice, and two you need to go through a shop.

    Although you might get someone from trek on this thread they do lurk around these parts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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