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  • Paul McG

    So, STW hive mind…..

    Anyone got any experience with the Trek Superfly 29er?. I don;t see in mentioned around here very often. Thinking about the entry level carbon jobbie. Likely use would be off-road triathlons and enduro type stuff.

    Looking to know a bit about speed, comfort, reliability, upsides, downside. You know, the usual stuff.

    Currently got an alloy Top Fuel and a Kinesis Maxlight Pro2 if that helps to target advice.



    Gary Lake from Cyclist No1 is riding one for his big welsh ride thing – he has a few reviews of it on his site here:

    Premier Icon njee20

    A friend’s got the XX version, and really likes it. Came from a 2010 Top Fuel 9.9 and prefers the Superfly.

    Several more friends are waiting for the XT model, which Trek have yet to receive, perhaps why you’ve not seen many reviews if they are scarce?

    Certainly look very good!


    I had a go on the carbon version during a test day and wasn’t that impressed.
    I thought it was good but I wouldn’t want to spend £2300 on it.
    I’m a big fan of 29er’s though so gutted I didn’t like it.


    Oh, hiya! Just spotted this in the old Google Analytics vanity search!

    Yes, I’m riding a Superfly for my Wales Coast to Coast ride this summer. I’m currently training on the top AL version, doing the actual ride on the Carbon XX jobbie.

    I gave my initial thoughts here so won’t go into too much detail:

    In short I’m a big fan, I genuinely just enjoy riding it on all terrain and could easily be a candidate for my ‘one’ bike. I find it lively, not overly 29er ish in feel when you consider the negatives (thanks to the G2 geometry I guess) but very much a 29er in feel on the usual positives – read: still steamrolls everything but fun and whippetty too. Very slack (68 deg) for a 100mm 29er FS but handling and wheelbase is very much on par with a 68 degree 26er FS. So even in twisty singletrack I’ve found it to be very responsive.

    Accurate is a word I’d use, rider inputs translate into the trail as you intend (might sound weird but not sure how else to say it). I’d always felt Treks were very good but maybe not as fun as they could be. I find the Superfly very fun and cheeky even. I ran a dropper post for a bit and descending with the saddle right down it felt more like a fun trail bike than a race bike. Obviously I’m assuming the lighter carbon ones will feel naturally more racy too (this one is 28lb w/pedals).

    Sure I’ve been loaned it and have to say nice things, but would I buy one tomorrow? Absolutely.

    Oh and I’m a bordering on Hobbit-like 5’8″ and riding a 17.5″, so I don’t know how the sizing is effecting the handling and whether that reflects in flatfishy’s experience? But it definitely rides well in smaller sizes at least.


    i have the 2012 superfly elite xt equiped n it is realli good race on it etc can thoroughly recomend.

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