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  • Trek Remedy 8 Go Pro HD Alternative Angle
  • Premier Icon session88
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    I wanted to try something different out of my go pro and thought I would shoot as a static camera. Some of the later shots are grainy due to fading light but it was the first attempt at this type of edit so I was happy enough with the outcome. What do you reckon?


    Premier Icon _tom_
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    Looks great, nice scenery 🙂 If the go pro had an lcd screen to frame your shots, I think it would be the perfect little bike trip camera.

    What’s the song?

    Premier Icon mansonsoul
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    I enjoyed that, though maybe a bit more variety of shots would have been more interesting. The song was great (who was it?) and gave it all a nice epic but peaceful feel.

    Premier Icon session88
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    Song is Welcome home by Radical Face. I first heard it on a nikon ad.

    This was my first atempt at this type of video. And as you can see the light was fading fast so I didnt have time for other shots. It was a case of get what I could as quick as I could. But yeah I agree with you both a bit more time and better light. I will be making a few more like this. I thought for the type of video the song was a good choice.

    Thanks again for watching.

    BTW – The LCD screen is on my wish list. Just bought a spare battery, Tripod mount and 32gb card so it will have to wait.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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