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  • Womens Specific – Trek Fuel EX 8 – WSD or other recommendation[s] ?
  • anyone got one ?
    Mrs TLR needs a new bike.
    what are the weights of the WSD Fuel EX 8 ?
    Ride impressions ?
    She's 5'2" so what size ? 15.5" I'd assume.
    Will try Alpine Bikes for supply / sizing soon.


    Premier Icon rickon

    Mrs. Rickon has been demo'ing an EX8 WSD this weekend – fell in love with it on the second day.

    It's pretty light, 12.5kg'ish i think…. but has decent travel, and feels a lot more burly on the descents.

    at 5'2 she'd need the smaller size on offer…

    Check out the Orange 5 Diva in a 14" too. That and a Zesty.

    Those were the only three on our list for all mountain, XC and racing.


    Did you have a look at the XS XCL? Full build could be had for same price as the EX8 WSD.

    @ Si.
    what spec / weight ?
    XS suitable for 5'2" woman ?


    XS would be great for a 5'2" woman or man!

    Spec would be nearly the same as this http://www.progressive-bikes.co.uk/xcl_build_kits.html your choice of Hope hoop rims, tyres would be different, and we could perhaps spec a Float if you dont mind 9mm QR?

    In case you have not seen the XS XCL

    Mrs Panda loves her Trek Fuel EX8.
    When I weighed it, it came in at under 28lbs.

    Hope that helps


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    Hi Mrs G has a 14" Five Diva (Revs and XT). Very good bike but possibly not as good value as a Ex8 WSD. Plus less "designed for women" IMO than a Diva. We bought it second hand. Definitely a hens teeth bike.

    Premier Icon STL

    Just got an XS Yeti AS-R. Waiting to find time to get out and play on it! I'm 5' 3".

    Would easily build up at 24 lbs.


    thanks folks – keep the recommendations coming – i feel a new bike for Mrs TLR is imminent 🙂
    @si – what weight is possible with FLOAT's up front ?


    Hi,my missus has a Santa Cruz Juiliana up for sale if your interested. Basically a womens superlight. Would be a good fit by the sounds of it,as my GF is 5'4/5'5 and runs a 90mm stem.

    Spec is:

    White 09 Santa Cruz Juliana with RP23
    Rockshox SID team forks
    XT Brakes/cranks/front and rear deraliur
    XT hubs on mavic rims with nobby nic tyres
    Thomson Elite seatpost and stem
    Hope headset and seatclamp
    Raceface SL carbon Bars
    Crankbros mallet pedals

    weighs 26lbs – bikes 12months old, well maintained and in great condition.

    Shes after £1250 for it.

    anthonyb – we're interested – can you provide your contact details ?

    what size is it and what colour ?


    I ride a fuel EX8 and I love it. It's fantastic down hill and you can lock out both front and rear suspension if you want to on the climbs. I recently test rode a Zesty and would definately say the EX has the edge.

    Premier Icon stabilizers

    Dont focus soley on women's specific bikes. None of the women I know that bike actually have a women specific bikes. The wife has a small Orange 5. Other mates have 5 spots, hecklers, stumpjumpers, Ibis's.
    Just make sure you get a bike that fits. It has to be in a nice colour though. 😉

    stabilizers – it MUST be WSD to fit her.
    she's had 4 blokes bikes and none work right for her, even with 50mm stems, etc.

    Fat Lad

    Does it have to be a fuel ex or are you interested in a top fuel? The shop I work for has an ex-demo top fuel available



    Have you looked at the geometry for the EX8 WSD – IIRC its the same as the blokes for the 2009 bike – but not sure about the 2010

    Just you get a 160 rotor at the front instead of 180, different colour paint, WSD saddle and possibly lighter fork inners?


    Santa Cruz label the frame as a S/M – fine according to there site for 5'2
    my missus is 5'4/5'5 and runs quite a high seatpost, and has plenty of standover.

    contact me at


    il give you any details and more photos you need. Heres a picture ive just taken of the bike

    Frame geo for the men's and women's EX8 is readily available on Trek's website.

    2010 Fuel EX 8 WSD 15.5" ett 55.3cm
    2010 Fuel EX 8 15.5" ett 57.0cm

    Premier Icon rickon

    Lecht – in case you're interested we're selling a 15" Cube AMS Comp, WLS…

    It's got a very low standover, and would be ideal for someone 5'3…. and best bit… we're looking for less than £700 for it 🙂

    Plus… it's a bit bling.

    The ad is HERE

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