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  • duff

    What year is it?

    My 07 Fuel Ex needed new bearings and I had to buy the whole rocker link with bearings already pressed in.

    It's an 09, newer ABP variant..
    That sounds like madness!!! A whole new rocker just to replace the bearings?!


    Ah that's probably different to mine then.

    Yes it was a strange episode however it was only about £15 per side so not the end of the world. This was what my lbs recommended doing as apparently pressing in new bearings would leave some play or something…


    Hi Im in the process of doing my Fuel EX8 2009. So far so good i have got all the bearings out using lots of WD40 and leaving it to soak in and lots of gentle tapping out with soft mallet a some small drift bars. Only ones that proved difficult where the main pivot ones which came out using some threaded bar and a combination of sockets and bolts to make a pulling device with out damage to the frame. I used lots of bits of wood to support the parts so it was a level surface. Soaking in WD40 is a must.

    Off with the bearings (8 in total) to the shop tomorrow to get a price. Then its the slow gentle process of putting it all back together


    p.s all the bearings drift from inside to out. if that makes sense. Its fairly obvious once you start to take it apart

    Has anyone has a go at changing theirs? My main pivot bearing are extremely notchy and very stiff, other could do with replacement too.

    Mainly concerned with drifting them in and out as they're pretty awkwardly placed.

    I'd be interested to see what prices you get. I've heard the main pivot bearings are custom to Trek so have to be ordered from them.
    Let me know how you get on….

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    1)There's a specific tool available from Trek to do this.
    2) The bearings are free for life for the original owner.

    Unless it's 2nd hand – give it to your LBS to sort out for the cost of labour only.

    I have changed the bearings on my Liquid Fuel 55 rocker and main bottom pivet twice since new (5 years) and it has usually taken me around 1 hour to complete. If you get in touch direct with Trek and ask for a frame breakdown picture it gives you all the bearing numbers and also which require bearing lock liquid to secure into place.


    i have a trek PDF showing the bearing codes you'll require for the frame etc. If anyone wants a copy, email me ( addy in profile) The main pivot bearing have a shoulder on them so are from your local trek dealer, all others are bog standard sizes.

    Bearing removal..

    I pull the old bearings out using a combo of an old front QR skewer, and a selection of various socket set ends. Hard to discribe how it works with out pics but here goes..

    Skewer….. with selction of larger than the bearing to be pulled out socket sets resting against frame / swingarm etc …. bearing to be pulled out….. smaller socket( or just Skewer cap) set to nest against inside of bearing.

    wind up all the slack on the QR lever..BUT have the QR lever in the open position..

    When all slack taken up, close the QR lever…this action wil pull bearing out of frame. Depending on depth of bearing, you might have to repeat this step a few times.

    Just done all my bearings about a month ago using the above technique, no problems.

    Sillyman, is this gen about the bearings being free for original owner? My LBS trek dealer ( who are very good to me) made no mention of this when I ordered the main pivot bearings. ( about 8quid a main bearing)

    I've just been told the bearings are covered under the warranty, LBS need to send old bearing back for replacements.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I've had a similar issue with my main pivot bearings, but couldn't get them seen to for nearly 3 weeks (it's going in after this coming weekend) because the shop is fully booked up. In the meantime the guy at the shop suggested to lift the seals off, flush them out and then regrease rather than allow them to run notchy or worse sieze.

    I hope they are not going to wriggle out of the warranty now, because I've done a self repair job on the advice of the shop?

    I also noted while I had it apart that the pivot bolt had become scored, presumably where one of the bearings was virtually siezed. I guess this too would be covered under warranty?

    Can anyone link me to the warranty in case wriggling does take place?


    hi all,

    just done the bearings on mine. Still got to do the main Pivot bearing. Which is a special. Spoke with chevin cycles who called trek for prices and lead times. They quoted £9 a bearing and a 2 week lead time as they only have stock in america. All the other 6 bearings are standard and cost me £30 form atlantic bearings in Leeds.

    I used a Nut and bolt with some washers and the old bearing to press the new ones in.

    Luke those bearing should be covered by warranty and cost you nowt.
    2 week flippen lead time!! Great!

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Likewise, I already know mine needs new bearings so if I have to wait 3 weeks to get it into the shop and then 2 weeks for parts, I'll be 'disappointed'

    Can't see why 2 weeks for US delivery. Surely a part like this would have local stock. And if not, then a jiffy with a dozen sets in by DHL would be a couple of dozen quid and 2 days?

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Took it in Monday, just been called now to say it's been fixed and is ready to be collected. All under warranty, just labour cost to cover.

    Thanks to Beyond for dealing with Trek on my behalf even though bike wasn't originally from there (was from another Trek dealer who I'm not local to now)

    And thanks to Trek for excellent customer service.



    luke.ellis – Just checked with Trek main pivot bearings are 1 week away from Trek UK.(They are unique to Trek) If you have asked us for these then they are indeed £9 each to buy. However if you are the original owner then Trek subsidise the cost and all you need to pay is labour for fitting them (assuming we were fitting them).

    If you need to speak to me, give me a call!


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