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  • fergal

    It’s a long shot but, any mountain trolls done this over Dafydd and Llewelyn, possible descent to Llugwy resevoir, silly idea?


    The descent down to Llugwy resevoir of the top of Carnedd Llewelyn has a few sections of MEGA GNAR. Note the use of capitals. I would say 80% of it is glorious steep tech riding, but some bits are just beyond what I could ride. Some pics:

    The rest are here

    Having said that I think any route down onto the A5 will have death written all over it. Slight hijack, but does anyone know the state of the trail that loops round behind Tryfan? Worth a go?

    “does anyone know the state of the trail that loops round behind Tryfan? Worth a go?”

    Festooned with Hikers heading up to Bristly Ridge on the west side, many staircases too. The east side is probably mostly doable.

    Great rugged scenery – my suggestion is to ride/push up the east side and hide your bike near the Tryfan’s col, hike down the heather terrace, then scramble up little/central gully on Tryfan. Return to the col, climb bristly ridge and descent down the scree back to the col. Retrieve bike and bomb down – sounds like a good day!

    I think you are brave tackling that cliff drop down east to the col from Llewelyn, with a bike. Winter hiking I’ve been turned back by that when I forgot my crampons – I just could not get my boots to grip the ice and snow covered rock face. Smashing my legs at the bottom and falling over the north side was not worth contemplating. I imagine the switchback trail from the col down to the reservoir is very serious on a bike too.

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    I’ve run that but wouldn’t fancy biking it…bit of a wimp though 😀


    What about a valley traverse South to North of the Carneddau via Cowlyd, Eigau, Dulyn then over the saddle between Foel-Fras and Drum, taking the descending track from Drum summit.
    I walked it many years ago and it would definitely be ridable but what about legality for certain bits?
    Which is the most ridable start, Helyg or Tal-y-Waun, anyone know?


    DavidM cheers for those, saw some of your pics a while ago, my inspiration for this, it looks fantastic, was thinking of maybe making a loop by ascending the Carnedd from Ogwen cottage then along ridge then shredding the gnar(lol)on that trail, it may well be the better idea to hike upwards on that trail for the beta though!.


    Cheers Fergal – Contemplated that loop to but from limited memory I think carrying up from Ogwen Cottage would be just as hairy. I reckon if you fancy a crack at the Llugwy trail it would best to go out and back from the campsite, so you can turn around. The large slab mentioned is one of the most terrifying/stupid things I have done. There is one ‘zag’ down from the col that is so gnarly, but my you can get down a fair amount on the bike. More trailsy euro hoppy stuff than a shred though. Be sensible if you do have a go at it. We went super early aswell, I imagine it would get quite busy and you want a clear run, plus it is a tad cheeky. Also one the way back down turn left along the resevoir conduit, head round to Llyn Colwydd, then head back to Capel Curig, nice muddy descent

    Cheers for that Buzz. I might give it a go soon. The trails around Llyn Ogwyn look light they must have potential for hike up – ride down stuff, but I can’t for the life of me figure out any decent loops.

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    How about a circular route from Gerlan, coming off Yr Elen?
    Would have to hike the last pull to Carnedd Dafydd and it can be fun tying to find the path at the foot of Yr Elen back to Gerlan, but it would certainly be a challenge.

    Done the Carneddau range North to South many times. Have always fancied dropping down to Ogwen but never got round to doing it (on my to do list though).

    Here’s a few pics from the last trip up there where I dropped to Cwm Eigiau after leaving Llewellyn and Foel Grach. Awesome day, enjoy the pics 🙂


    I’ve been watching this thread with a lot of interest as I’ve just moved into the Bethesda area (Tyn Twr). While I’ve found a lot of local loops and trails, the photos from up top are epic. Hmm….

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