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    france germany spain even greece all easy as most people speak english and the languages are easy enough to pick up the basics enjoyed – hungary and budapest, if you can get there for sziget festival in August has a great line up and is much cheaper than uk festivals (but the language is tough!)

    ime just go with the flow and make lots of new friends, some will be awesome (some may be muppets) but its all experience,

    take condoms
    you can get massive travel towels that pack up tiny
    a comfy backpack and shoes and some flip flops

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    Head to Slovakia and visit my mate Dan who owns Chalet Slovakia in Liptovsky Mkulas. He’ll sort you out a good rate as he’s backpacked all over the place and they always offer a special rate to backpackers.
    Nice place to go to, good mountains, lakes. Cheap food and beer, interesting things to do – white water centre 10 mins away, aqua park, caves etc etc.
    He has a minibus so can ferry you about and mountain bikes, kayaks you can borrow. If they’re quiet, he’ll guide you if you need. There are uplifts at Jasna too if that’s your thing.


    Cash, spread around your person and baggage so when the machine spits your cards out you can continue. Your driving licence because I sometimes got asked to drive when hitching (in most of Europe it’s the car that’s insured not the driver). The lowlands will be hot but the mountains are cooler. Hitching in mountain areas is generally easy if you have a rucksac. Don’t forget your open mind and say yes with enthusiasm rather than no with embarrassment.

    I’d head for Garmish/Fussen/Chamonix and do some walking to start with.


    I can’t stress the condoms thing enough.

    Your bag should have:

    Condoms/maps/money/clothes/a Swiss army knife/back-up condoms and a little headshot of Samurai for lonely times when condoms aren’t required.


    Oh yeah, take condoms.

    EDIT: Get the headshot of Samurai first. Everything else can fit around it. Except the condoms. Condoms should be your first priority. Apart from the headshot of Samurai, obviously. 😉

    Premier Icon annebr

    I’ve recently visited Sevilla and heartly recommend it as a city stop.

    Petzl head torch
    swiss army knife, leatherman or equiv
    Pack towel (bit like a large chammois)
    condoms (obviously)
    Rough guide or lonely planet for the areas you’re going to
    mini iPad or internet phone (arrange roaming boosters before you go)

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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