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  • trail_rat

    we were for making sure we were covered for injury an just kept careful with the bikes.


    You could try talking to snowcard, they do a package for international touring/mtbing and cover the bikes/gear aswell as the usual injury/travel insurance.

    I’m using them for a trip to morocco next month, it’s more a peace of mind thing incase the bike gets lost/nicked during ferry/flights – in reality I dont know how much money/cover you would get if your bike was stolen from a campsite/on the road – but better than nothing.


    I’m setting off for a month long ride around Europe soon and was looking at travel insurance and wondering if anyone had any advice on the matter.
    Whilst most cover cycle touring itself, very few cover theft of possessions over the value of £150, which of course is a lot less than the cost of a bike and I’m a bit scuppered if my bike gets nicked.
    Anybody got any past experience in this field?

    I got insured through ctc insurance when I went touring a few years ago. If I remember rightly the bike was insured if you made reasonable efforts to secure it and I think breakdowns were covered too and they would aim to get you a bike replaced en route to if it got stolen. Worth a ring to check what they cover these days

    I didnt join the ctc, just took out their cover – luckily I didnt have to use it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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