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  • phildowling

    Anyone else pressed the button and entered yet?

    I’m down for Solo not sure to try and Singlespeed it or taking the Sofa bike.

    Any advice from past entrants?Please god let it be dryer than last year!



    I’ve entered and also thinking about singlespeeding, email them if you are the reason there is no singlespeed category is there isn’t enough interest.


    Ok cool. Spoke to Matt Carr and hes Singlespeeding as well. Perhaps we should limit it to the 3 of us and we can all get on the podium.


    /\ Offical statement from Merida that is 😉

    I’ve entered on a singlespeed too.

    Mine’s a 29er so may have to start a different category


    So categories will be:

    Singlespeed 69er
    Singlespeed 29er
    Singlespeed 650…if it takes off by then


    Glad to see other singlespeeds though! According to the little guide book thats available…Transwales Guide
    Theres a pub at nearly every overnight stop aswell, which is nice


    It is singlespeed-able, as Matt and the other chap (Henry?) proved last year. I think they were the only SS riders anyway!

    I rode my Orange 5. Bit like overkill really, but I was fine.

    Really enjoyed last year’s, but thought I’d move on to other things this year (Iron Bike) When I got the booklet in the post yesterday though it really made me want to do it again…!

    Keep your fingers crossed for dry weather. The rain and wet was the hardest thing of all last year!

    rtedge at if anyone wants to ask about last year etc. Plenty of others on here did it too.


    No singlespeed cat this year :cry.

    Had email back from Michael, lack of intrest in the cat (which i guess could be sorted by the singlespeeders emailing him to let him know)

    No sponsor for that cat either so i guess no prize for the winner etc. But would a prize really matter that much?


    Not after last year. It was a joke.

    Taking a week off work and paying through the nose for non-existent facilities, awful campsites, destroying my bike, wrecking my tent and dealing with that absolute bell-end of a campsite owner and his nightmare wife in Builth Wells? No chance. I’ve done the TransWales and TransScotland before and it was ok, but the organisation was always a wee bit shoddy. Last year the weather was enough to break the whole infrastructure. Not good.

    Oh and picking up the Campylobactor bacterium and spending the next 2 weeks on the pan with hot tea pouring out of my bum wasn’t really much banter either.

    Entered the TransProvence instead.

    Grump grump.

    Good luck folks!


    ferrit – did you enjoy it or not??


    Yeah, it was brilliant.


    Which was nice….nothing like a good brew in the morning 😆

    Sure it will be much improved this year.


    I’d do it again, it was alright in the first year it ran. As was the TranScotland. It was jolly and there were lots of nice folk.

    There was the odd moment of ‘crikey flip this is horrid,’ but then you’d stumble across someone agreeable or doing worse than you. And it was alright again. The shower position wasn’t ace. Record wait was 50 minutes on the TransScotland – but again – had a nice chat and passed the time.

    Trashed my bike both times. New drive train, most bearings all round and a few bits that never made it back onto the bike .


    Fingers crossed the new facilites will be a Shower and toilet trailer like at SITS.

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