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  • Transition Smuggler front end set up.
  • nickjb
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    I’m building up a Transition Smuggler as a trail centre and local fun bike. I know this already has reasonably modern geometry for its age but is it worth tweaking it a bit (its a 2016)? I need a new headset anyway as I don’t have a 44/56 in my spares box so I’m considering slackening it a bit. Anyone done this? Is there an ideal fork travel – headset angle combo? I’m probably putting Pikes on it that I’ve got the bits to set at 130mm (as the Smuggler is designed) or 160mm (probably a bit too much). Reading around, 140mm seems popular but is it worth buying a new spring for an extra 10mm? Anything else worth considering

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    Well the extra 10mm would naturally slacken the bike a little anyway.

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    When I had one, I ran it at 160. Had a 140 air shaft, but preferred it at 160. Was great.

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    I had that vintage Smuggler and made quite a few tweaks, I’ll just give you some bulletpoints…

    – I had a 140mm fork and it worked well enough, I’d be tempted to try 130mm though as you just want it for trail centres and local riding (not too gnarly?)
    – I used a -1 or -1.5deg headset IIRC, but now I’d go straight to a -2deg one (Superstar are good & cheap)
    – That puts you at 65.5deg head angle, then an offset bushing or two can tune things further
    – I mostly used the stock Monarch shock, which was OK, but also tried it with a Cane Creek DBair and that was incredible

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    I’m running my 2020 carbon smuggler with a 160mm air shaft in the fork (smugginel!). Great fun and a real hooligan, but I will admit that 140mm is the best ‘all round’ solution for what is a great ‘all round’ bike. I run the 160mm as I’m not that bothered about going up or across, but mainly down.

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    I’m running a 2016 Smuggler with a 140mm fork with a frequent hankering for a longer fork. I’ve also got a CCDBinline coil on the back which has made it substantially more capable than the stock Monarch which I found hard to find the sweet spot on. Would recommend a coil and because of the size, you tend to be able to pick them a little cheaper.

    Not that that helps with your front end setup query!

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    My mate has the newer version and runs a 140 fork with a -2deg headset. If I was in your position I’d run the 130mm fork with a -2deg headset and an offset bush and see how you get on. Take it up to 140 after that if you feel like you need it.

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    I ran my 2016 with a 140 fork but I did also buy a second hand works components headset that they said would work from the information I gave them from the markings in the headset. I may still have it if you want me to have a look?

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