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  • Transition Covert – pics and experiences please.
  • wobbliscott

    They must have updated the Transition website then. I looked at it a few months ago and it was definitely reporting the same frame weight as the alloy version. I even showed some mates as we were comparing carbon vs alloy frame weights across a number of different bikes ( was a boring day at work that day!).

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    Bump for more pictures. I really need this bike in my life, but I am struggling to justify the £800 markup on the frame alone the UK retailers want to impose.

    After the carbon Coverts by the way!


    Thought I’d bring this thread back to life now I have ridden both bikes…

    Annoyingly, I liked them both!

    First up was the Banshee which despite being in its slackest setting still went up the hills ok, but was a total hoot on the way back down. It just encourages you to hit everything flat out and feels very smooth. I’d probably run it in the neutral setting so it was a tad steeper. It didn’t feel like a heavy bike and pedalled pretty well. The downsides were that I did catch the pedals a few times and the Fox CTD shock which I thought was a bit naff; it would definitely need volume reducing spacers. Being so slack it was hard to manual and not that easy to bunny hop but it did feel a bit alien because I’m so used to my bike set up. Overall though,very impressed with it.

    Next up was the Covert, when I jest got on it I thought that it was a one horse race…I didn’t really like it. The medium is too short for me, I’d definitely need a large. I know I’m only looking for a frame but the build didn’t do it any favours; basic Monarch shock, Avid Elixir brakes which were hateful, didn’t like the bars etc. However the more I rode it, the more I liked it. It climbed a bit better than the Rune despite bring a tad heavier but wasn’t quite as confidence inspiring when charging down stuff although it felt more playful and easier to pop off roots etc. The Lyriks were noticeably stiffer than the 34’s on the Rune and didn’t dive so much.

    So, I’ve got some thinking to do. At the moment, the Rune is probably edging it a bit and I think the aesthetics may swing it…the large ali Coverts look a bit like a farm gate. The ano black Rune looks really smart too.

    Based on today, I’m not sold on the Fox CTD stuff. The rear shock felt like a step backwards from my DHX Air (mine has been pretty good despite most people hating them) and for once I found myself agreeing with the mags about the 34 forks because they really do blow through their travel.

    The riding at Long Mynd is great and the views were amazing today. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was either; I saw very few people despite the ace weather although those long climbs had me sweating like a pig.


    Hey Mindmap3, Cheers for the write up… Not sure its helped 😀

    Im still impatiently waiting to get fixed and get out on the Covert myself. Sounds like you’d definitely want to go with the CCDB can over the fox, thats what i’d planned on doing if Rune was the one.


    No worries.

    The Covert is a great bike but I’m going with the Rune with a CCDBa partly because it hides it’s size better and partly because it felt faster and smoother in the downs. The fact that I’ve got a good deal in the frame, headsetand aaxle adapters for my rear wheel helped too.

    The geometry is also suitably different to my SX so makes it worthwhile. The Covert is fairly similar. Part if me feels bad for not getting the Covert because the guys from Plush Hill Cycles were so friendly and helpful.

    Let me know if you’ve got any parti questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

    I’d be interestiled to hear your thoughts on how the bikes compare when your fixed.

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