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  • rewski

    Loving the look of the Genesis Grapil, how does it ride?

    Premier Icon fathomer

    18bikes – Member
    We’ve got a Medium, if that’s at least worth a try? I’d be a Large, but have happily ridden our Med for a thrash about. We’ve also got the Genesis Grapil – a similar idea…

    Hi Si, that was going to be my last resort as I’d rather try the size I’d buy. To be honest I’d probably buy from you as you guys where brill when I got my Soul.

    igrf – Member

    Yes…you now know more than half the trade.

    Thanks, that’s good to hear…I’d like to get my Devilles serviced but didn’t fancy the faff (and expense) of sending them to BOS. I like the Devilles but wouldn’t have considered another BOS product until they sorted the importer situation out. I hope it proves to be a long a fruitful relationship!


    Premier Icon jambalaya

    I have a BFe and a Covert, if I could only have one bike it would probably be a Bandit.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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