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  • Transit custom Campervan build – advice sought
  • mildred

    We’ve just bought a transit custom swb panel van with the intention of converting it to a campervan. There are so many companies doing this now days that my head is spinning.

    Our intention is to convert in stages (due to cost). My idea is to insulate & carpet the interior, have windows fitted & then have the R&R bed fitted.

    We can’t afford the big names bed so would be looking at alternative pull tested & seatbelts beds.

    Can I ask who other people have used & whether you’d recommend them?

    Also, we want a pop-top fitted but they seem quite pricey when compared to transporters. Has anyone had a pop-top roof & bed fitted to a custom? If so, who did you use, how much & are you happy with the results?



    Premier Icon spooky_b329

    Get the windows fitted first, then insulate/carpet.  Other than driving one for a year at work, I don’t know much about them so can’t advise on the rest!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    A guy parked at the side of us at the Lee Quarry PMBA rated these. He had his done with them

    Loads of pics on website and he said they were very helpful.


    Talk to Mandale converters near Keighley.


    First thing would be to get the security sorted – I believe that the current transit is the most stolle vehicle on the road

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    As last poster, if youre going to convert it secure it asap, they’re terrible as standard. Id fit an autowatch ghost immobiliser.

    You can do a lot yourself if youre pretty handy, do structural stuff first if posssible. Windows and roof, then insulate and carpet. Roof fitting can make a bit of a mess of the interior, its a chunk to lay out but worth doing first if you can. You can do pretty much everything else yourself to keep cost down if you have the time aside from the roof. Windows need a bit of bravery… i mentioned this in another thread but have a check around on insurance, partly converted vans can cause problems with some insurers.

    Give hilo a call, they were working on a transit roof that looked like it was totally invisible when down. Dont know if its to market yet though.

    Premier Icon Trimix

    I’ve been doing the same, only difference is mine is a LWB.  I’ve done lots of research and found these guys to be very helpful:

    They took the time to show me how and what they do.  I ended up buying the sound deadening, insulation and carpet from them as they could recommend the best stuff.  I got them to do the windows as I wasn’t going to cut a hole in my van 🙂

    I’ve done most of it now apart from the carpet, that will take a while.  When I get home now its bloody dark !

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    Just lined and carpeted my camper along with leisure battery and lights (not a transit but a T4)

    The carpet was from megavanmats, plus you get the tins of adhesive with it. Really good quality carpet. Lights were just screwfix decking lights, pack of 10 45mm.

    Have a look for some Facebook groups, they generally have lots of advice on there and images of what others have done for inspiration.

    Carpeting and insulation is super easy, just take your time and I’d cover the panels first, then use the cuts to cover the bare metal.

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