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  • Trans-Provence Predictions
  • Premier Icon Stu
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    Anyone up for some top three (well, top 2 for the girls) predictions for the pros – your choice:

    – Andreas Hestler
    – Ben Cruz
    – Fabien Barel
    – Jérôme Clementz
    – Marc Beaumont
    – Mark Weir
    – Nico Vouilloz
    – Rowan Sorrell

    – Tracy Moseley
    – Anka Martin

    I’ll go with local knowledge and experience over youth and say:
    1. Jérôme Clementz
    2. Nicolas Vouilloz
    3. Fabien Barel

    and I’ll go for Tracey to take the womens honours. Anyone else fancy a punt?

    Premier Icon Wookster
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    [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1TxiVhrkZA&feature=youtube_gdata_player [/video]

    This…….. 😆

    Premier Icon Stu
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    Nice! 😀

    Premier Icon ahsf
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    Seen as the route goes past Nico an Fabien’s house’s and Jérôme trains for 20hrs a week up there through the winter,they should be top 3.
    rode there a few times my self an it’s awsome riding but not for everyone, makes the mega avalanche look tame. 🙂

    Premier Icon juan
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    I would say fabien won’t finish before nicolas, due to his injuries. So first nicolas, second fabien and third jerome, but you’ll never know 😉

    Good thing is, I’ll be the very first one to know it, and that does kick asses…

    Premier Icon freeridenick
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    3 frenchies got to be top 3. Hestler is an xc mincer 😛

    My longshot is Mr Sorrell – he is pretty handy on a bike

    Premier Icon The Southern Yeti
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    juan – how will you be the very first to know???

    Premier Icon Phototim
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    Juan, I thought that was you in the Day 1 video in the GT pits 🙂

    Premier Icon RHSno2
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    I am going Weir. Fit, capable and determined. He has been waiting for this race all his life.

    Premier Icon Stu
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    Should have put some money on that top three! 🙂 Costly last day for Nico though I got the impression he’ll be back…


    Premier Icon Tess
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    I think Ingrid should get a big shout out for coming 3rd woman and where was Rolf??? I thought he was coming back to ride it this year to have another stab at it?

    I loved all the vids. Good job.

    Premier Icon ash
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    Haha nice one Stu, that’s some good predicting!

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