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  • Trainspotting – the film. Any fans?
  • hora

    Haven’t seen the film for over a decade.

    Loved it allover again- a film of two halves 🙂

    Question, Did the Americans have subtitles available so they could understand?
    Question, Is it wrong to be turned on by the sex scene? 🙄

    Carlisle is very believable in his part.

    Class. Plus (for me) it hasnt aged a day.

    Job interveiw scene, classic.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    best film in the world!!

    I read the book 1st and I had already visualised in my head certain scenes and what the characters were like. For me I was really disappointed when the film came out as i thought it was toned down and the accents were a bit middle class.

    However, I now like it and understand why it was shot that way.


    Shot on a tight budget as well? Kinda adds to the appeal. The baby on the ceiling looked low-quality


    Second lobby no where near as good as the book and parts of the book would not be shootable READ THE BOOK
    The dead baby bit is just such a scary insight into the mind of a drug addict


    danny boyle is a genius makes all his films on such small budgets yet they always blow away anything Hollywood has to offer, 28days later gets my vote as best film, Train-spotting a close second!

    I love and hate the baby on the ceiling scene!


    It (trainspotting) never appealed enough for me to bother watching it. It never appealed at all TBH.


    big fan of irvine welsh
    i recommend reading acid house, maribou stork nightmares and filth.

    as above, if you have the chance always see the film before reading the book to save disappointment.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Brilliant film.
    Kelly MacDonald… brilliant how she’s gone from that to No Country for Old Men.
    She was about 20 when Trainspotting was filmed. Phew.


    Not as good as ‘Every which way but loose’.

    strangely enough i thought the short films from the Acid House (Granton Star Cause, Soft Touch, Coco Bryce and i think there was another) were excellent. The accents were more realistic and settings were less art house & stylistic.


    My pal who is a friend of Irvine’s went to see it with in Fairfax CA with an American guy. Yes they had subtitles, but then I need subtitles to understand Sheera

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    I watched it at the cinema with a recovering heroin addict. Which was fun.


    The first time I saw it was in June 1996 in Montpellier. It was in English with French Sub-titles, just doesn’t translate at all.

    Must’ve seen it about 10 times or so now, got it on collectors edition DVD too.

    One of the best films ever IMHO

    The book is excellent! If you haven’t read it do so! It’ll make all cocky southerners think twice before going for something to eat in Princes Street. 😯 The film is good, but slightly less excellent.


    Definitely high my top 10… Ironically High Fidelity isn’t, good as it is.

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