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  • Training to be a Database analyst – what qualifications/courses?
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    It’s something I’ve thought about as a career path for a while now, and with things changing at work and my job going in a different direction I have the opportunity to do just that.

    What are the industry standard qualifications these days? As if I’m moving into DBA as my new field of work I’d like to gain the sort of skills/certificates prospective employers would look for?

    I have a bit of knowledge to begin with, mainly from studying computing at university so I understand the theory of how a database fits together and can string together some basic SQL commands, and fudge a bit of HTML if I need to.

    What would a decent CV have on it?


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    One of the most knowledgeable database geeks I’ve worked with has nothing past GCSEs – he just got a bit obsessed about BDs & learnt the Microsoft way of doing things inside out.

    If you’re that novice start with w3 schools and learn it – properly. Geek out :mrgreen:

    Edit: I’ve found answering Qs posted on forums to be a great help with this sort of thing – you get very used to the run of the mill Qs you see and find some people take an approach in their answers you wouldn’t have considered.

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    Install SQL Server Express and SSMS, then go mad with a demo database (Adventure works is a Microsoft training db you can download for free) and use W3 schools. Then get yourself an entry level job and learn on the go. Many people I know in the field have no qualifications.

    I am a SQL Developer and if it clicks, you can go from basic to Dev level in a year if you really set your mind to it.

    DBA is quite different to SQL writing alone so you might want to get a job creating basic SQL reports first to see what you’re actually interested in.

    Where are you based?

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    Cheers for the responses guys. I’m based just north of Birmingham, so have access to the b’ham, Coventry and other cities for potential jobs in the future.

    I’ll have a crack at installing some software to practice on at home, and have access to a few bits of software at work that I can practice on.

    I’m in an odd position in that I haven’t been given a new job, but I know my job will likely become redundant in a year or two unless I redesign the job so that it becomes a ‘customer service improve’ type role. I have thought about becoming a dba for a while and this is an ideal opportunity.

    I think I’ll be ok picking up the technical skills with some practice, what I don’t have much knowledge of is analysis techniques and models. Have you found that to be knowledge you needed or something you picked up on the job?

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    If you want to earn proper money then learn Oracle. We’re currently employing Oracle DBA contractors on £650 a day, the usual contract period is 6 months. SQL pays a lot less (still quite a bit though). If you don’t fancy databases but like the techie work then the money is in Linux admin.

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    pirahna – Member
    If you want to earn proper money then learn Oracle. We’re currently employing Oracle DBA contractors on £650 a day, the usual contract period is 6 months.

    Whereas some people are migrating from Oracle because it costs far too much to maintain, might not be the best long term prospect.
    As with anything experience is the key.

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    Sounds like something I’m trying to do myself.

    Bit of background – Was a temp doing some data admin stuff for a company and as I’ve had some experience with excel, access, certain stats packages and so on they just kept renewing my contract. This went on for around 2-3 months until I was forced/bullied/happily accepted a role as an Analyst. I inherited most of the system stuff I’m using and slowly teaching myself VBA as I appeared to have inherited the role of teaching other people how to use it and also fixing all the old problems.

    Its all well and good getting something to practice, once you can apply techniques to one thing, its not so hard to replicate. Getting a good understanding of the basics to which you can develop the skills further .

    In my case, I was here at the right place and time and showed enough enthusiasm and intrigue to get the job without officially applying for it. I would say that got me through the door and my experience has come with the job. Little bit backwards looking at it now

    Essentially, trying to get more into Business Analytics, not sure I could go into Management as I’m not a people person but do love hiding behind a big spreadsheet and finding trends and improving business objectives etc. Trying to see if the company will pay for my Masters as they do like to keep people and train them up instead of letting them go.

    Good Luck with your job hunting!

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