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  • Having struggled over the years to get motivated to go out in rain, hail, snow etc in the winter I bought a ‘turbo trainer’ to keep my fitness up.

    I’d like to use it fairly properly and have a heart rate monitor so was wondering if there’s any IOS apps that are good at interval training with some built in routines and link into the Polar HRM so I know I’m doing it properly.

    I had a look but there’s a bewildering array of different ‘stuff’ and for a newbie I’m not sure what I need.


    Sorry no offers of help but interested in an answer too.


    Forget iOS.

    With just an HRM – its a bit tricky to measure your training efforts.

    Try getting
    – an ANT+ USB for the PC.
    – ANT+ speed / cadence sensor

    Then use something like TrainerRoad (subscription), VeloReality or Golden Cheetah.

    Do an FTP test to set the software up. And away you go.


    I’ve not used it but if you want iOS app then check out Motivo. It works with an ant+ dongle an pairs with speed/cadence sensors and HRM (is the Polar ANT+ compatible?) much like TrainerRoad. There’s lots of plans and workouts on there too apparently.

    Premier Icon johnny

    I’m also looking for a way to adapt some existing kit- I have a Polar HRM, cadence and speed sensors, but unfortunately have lost the CS200cad unit they were with.

    Does anyone have an inkling if i can i buy an ANT+ dongle and tune them into it? I want to do it as cheaply as possible and i’d like to upgrade to a Garmin 500/800, when i have cash after Xmas.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Which Polar HRM? ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart?

    HRMs that support Bluetooth Smart (like the Polar H7) don’t need any dongles with an iPhone (provided it is a 4S or later).

    I have an iPhone 5 and Polar H7 so they directly link and use it with “Mountain bike pro” for normal rides out, it monitors and tracks my heart rate but it’s more for the record than pushing yourself into ‘zones’.

    Not too keen on buying a load of other sensors either I’m no Chris Hoy in training just want to keep things up 🙂

    Motivo looks good but £5.99 a month…
    There’s a bunch of apps which seem to be same thing under the digifit brand, either iBike or iSpinner which seem to be same thing, you have to pay to activate the HRM sensor but I might have a look at this.

    Still waiting for Turbo trainer from CRC

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Endomondo does heart rates too.

    From memory you only get basic heart rate recording with the Free version – I think you need to pay for Premium if you want Heart Rate Zones.

    Premium features:
    – Heart rate zones in workout summary

    Sounds like what I have in Mountain bike Pro now, it’ll record them but not display real time etc

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Endomondo will show heart rate in real time and can be set to shout out heart rate and average heart rate every lap (where “lap” is a definable distance or time)

    Don’t think it shows zones in real time though.

    Premier Icon johnny

    Hmm, i suspect my Polar stuff is a bit old- its for a CS200cad, I will examine when at home…

    If its freezing cold rain & you have a Ant+ USB2 dongle & speed sensor then why not ride something like the Stelvio or Tourmalet for a few quid? Virtual speed works fine with your Ant+ ideal is you have a trainer that can replicate the grades like a Kickr but just hammering along using your own gears works. If you stop the video will also stop, if you generate a lot of watts then you will watch a faster frame rate….When your finished you can upload the tcx file to strava & fool all your friends into thinking you are some kind of human snowplow Facebook page with the answer to winter boredom The exe is free anyway & you have all your numbers there…you can buy trainerroad also but we will be adding multiplayer & sharing workouts in the next days & you can do the same for free….


    Hey folks,

    My name is Alain. I’m one of the co-founders of Motivo. I got sent a link to this thread by a mate that frequents the forum…

    I don’t want to use this thread to push what we do but just wanted to let you know that I’m here to answer any questions you might have. 🙂

    Keep on riding,


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