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  • carbon337

    Need some trainer inspiration

    I keep wearing soles through converse all stars in a matter of weeks.

    Other than those shoes that look like Cornish pasties what’s in at the moment?

    Adidas sambas again? Or jeans and with shorts

    Premier Icon andydicko

    I wear Adidas marathon 80, look good and are very comfortable. Come in loads of different colours.

    Premier Icon Drac

    I find my converse uncomfortable hardly wear my pair.

    Picked up some Pumas from House of Fraser sale, nice and comfy with the retro look I like.

    You can’t go wrong with the Vans Classics range…

    There’s the Authentic, original (and some might argue) best.

    The Era, basically the same as the Authentic, but with the addition of padding around the heel.

    The Old Skool, introduced the trademark v-stripe and Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye wear them, so they’re certainly good enough for you.

    Yeah, there’s also the Chukka, Sk8-Hi, Half-Cab etc etc, but I’m a busy man and you have the internet. I’m not actually a busy man, but you do have the internet.

    Colourwise, we live in an age of choice so go for the the limited edition Supreme x Hello Kitty x Pot Noodle special edition. Actually, don’t. Buy blue or black and you can’t go wrong.

    Alternatively, New Balance are nice. They have that geography teacher-chic thing going on. They’re also perfect for sitting in overpriced coffee emporiums with your MacBook Pro and one of those £15 cycling magazines.

    Puma Suedes still look as good as they always did.

    Nike are to be avoided, other than the Nike SB range which are really nice. The mainline range makes you look like a looter and that’s so August 2011.


    onitsuka tiger ftw

    They seem to last really well


    I have a collection of Adidas Superstar II shell toes, they are the only trainers i have worn for years, and they seem to last for years too

    Although I have a fair few pairs so they don’t get worn all that often.

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