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  • Trails near Huddersfield??
  • Hey, im pretty new to the sport and live in Huddersfield.

    I’ve been looking for some local spots to do some riding.
    Anybody recommend any good trails in the area?

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    huddersfield is encircled by good offroad riding.
    marsdenman off here is doing a bit of a ride weekend.
    tag along for a day and you will find some nice stuff up his way…

    Contact Huddersfield Star Wheelers through the website ( We ride out from various points across the town every Saturday morning. Social pace, friendly mature group and plenty of trail knowledge.

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    He’s right you know…

    Had a cracking ride with them on Saturday..

    This weeks looks good to…

    Spoilt for choice really – if your new to the sport try the bridleways around Holme/Holmfirth or a blast down the Wessenden Valley to Marsden – failing that just get in the woods up the Holme Valley and explore – lots to be had!


    vs cycles do a monday evening ride from outside the shop in brighouse. starts 6:30, all and sundry welcome. there’s loads of trails but not many bridleways, if you get my meaning, round my neck of the woods in nw hudds. Calerdale does far better in the bridleway stakes, oh and south of hudds as above posters say.


    i’ll tell you what, on the 5th july there’s a 30 mile charity ride starting at slaithwaite. that’ll show you some trails!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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