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  • Trailquest near Wyre Forest next Sunday 23/5/10. First timers welcome.
  • I'm helping to organise an event in the Midland Trailquests Spring Series at Alveley, Shropshire, between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth, next Sunday.
    For those who know nothing about trailquesting, it's a navigation event on mountain bikes.
    You will be given a map with 36 control points of different values marked on it, mostly off road, in an area of about 13x10km, you then have 4 hours to visit as many as you can.
    There is no set route. Nobody ever gets to all of them, so you can choose whether to go for lots of easy low value CPs, or fewer high value ones.
    There's more information on…
    …or if you've got any questions I will try to answer them here.
    As I won't be riding I will be available to help any beginners at the start. I'm not going to give away any insider information, but I will give whatever advice I can so you're not completely on your own if it's your first event.

    I've ridden to every CP in the last week and we've got some great trails lined up. Fast double track farm tracks, wooded single track, panoramic views of the Malverns, Clee Hill and Hay Bluff, a foot/cycle ferry across the Severn and level crossings across the Severn Valley steam railway, all linked up by quiet country lanes.

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    Im hoping to be there with my lad , havent done a TQ since last year,
    Im rubbish at it , but its still good fun 😀

    That's the good thing about trailquests, you don't have to be good at it to have fun.
    Anyone else want to have a go ?

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    Hmmmmm, free next Sunday, don't live very far from Wyre Forest, and never done a trailquest before! Tempting…

    Go for it, mboy.
    There's a lot of great trails around Alveley, Shatterford, Highley and up to Chelmarsh reservoir that I have only found because I have been setting out this event.

    We've set out all the Control Points on one side of the river today, we'll be doing the other side tomorrow.
    It's getting even better as it's getting drier. Not too much road or rough grass, lots of interesting and ridable off road trails.

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    doubt I'll be able to make Sunday as on nights sat night.. Any chance you can send me a copy of the grid refs for the CPs after the event?

    Start times is 9:00 to 10:30, so you'd want be there by 10:00 when registration closes at the latest to give you time to enter and plan a route if you're going to do it.
    If there's any maps left over after the event, I'll save one for when I meet you next, or I'll scan it and send it to you. If not, I'll save the one we've been working from to set the CPs out. It's got a few alterations, but it's near enough the same.

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    Myself and my lad are in and i cant wait 😀
    Just need to finish building my green inbred tomorrow and ill be ready for it ..
    If you see a pink on-one scandal and a moss green on one inbred , that`ll be us !!
    Give us a shout

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    Great event, well organised and great to ride , plus excellent weather.
    Did find it hard , buit still enjoyable
    Cheers Graham 😀

    Glad you enjoyed it, stumpy. I know it was hard, I've ridden to every control point at least twice over the last few weeks. 😉

    The map.

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