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  • matther01

    Leyzne alloy drive…compact, lightweight and good rate of inflation.

    Had mine 4 years now and has been great…Think they’ve updated it too.


    Can anyone recommend me a trail pump


    I have a Leyzne alloy drive but if i was to buy again i would get a Topeak Morph Turbo Mini Pump because of the foot tab.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Topeak Mountain Morph for me.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    The topeak ones do work well, but fall apart after a few years. Mine lost the pivot pin for the foot tab, and subsequently I lost the foot tab. A while later the pin for the pivoting handle disappeared, so is now behind held on with a zip tie.

    Good pump, but don’t expect it to last forever!

    Cheers, Rich

    +1 TMM

    Topeak are good at sending replacement parts too.


    Had a Blackburn for nearly 10 years, had to give it a rebuild once, its very good. I think its the Mammoth model, but no fur so cannot be sure.


    Heres another vote for a Topeak Mountain Morph.


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    Hooray for the search function. My pump died on the trail yesterday so I was hoping I could search on “pump” and get the benefit of the hive mind. TMM for me then.

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    I started with a TMM gave up and went Lezyne alloy drive. The TMM foot tab sounds like a good idea but only because the pump is less efficient and needs it. The Lezyne gives more inflation and has an easier stroke so is quicker in my experience. A little fiddly on the unscrewing though(easy to take the valve core out if you’re not concentrating)

    My TMM used to overheat/seize and take forever. I carried spare pump parts for it……

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    I got a specialized air tool the other week. I like it.

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    Truflo (or M:Parts, also sold under other names) Evolution, or Evolution Plus if you want an unreliable gauge. Basically just a slightly better Mountain Morph- does all the good Morph stuff, with the advantage of not having bits fall off.

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    Leyzyne here, (The HV rather than HP one) goes in pack when on MTB or on frame behind bottle cage on road bike. will get a 23c tyre up to pressure just fine as well 😉
    Not as quick as a CO2 cartridge but not much in it to be honest.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Beware of the Lyzene pumps if you have tubeless valves though. The amount of times I’ve unscrewed the pump and had the valve core come away with it!

    You can buy an adapter, but I’d rather buy a design that works out of the box, for the initial price 🙂


    lezyne…. you wont have a problem with the valve cores falling out if they are screwed in properly in the first place….

    good quality pump and are well made.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    alpin – Member

    you wont have a problem with the valve cores falling out if they are screwed in properly in the first place….

    If by “properly” you mean “by a gorilla” then maybe, but yes the Lezyne will undo correctly tightened cores. It’s a problem easily avoided by buying something with a proper head tbh, the Lezyne head doesn’t have any advantages IMO and has some disadvantages so why?


    Not had an issue with my Lezyne and my (Stans) valves.

    Really recommend my Lezyne Micro Floor Drive. Has the foot tab, inflates the tyres quickly – for a trail pump – and robust. Had mine four years.

    Like the Topeak MM too – friend has one. To be honest not a lot in it between the two. I prefer the Lezyne (just) because it feels more robust.

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