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    Odd – had mine for a couple of years and still good.

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    Its all personal taste! I have some mark one Dainese Trailskins which have been great. Did think I might like a new set but despite hurling myself at the ground they won’t break…….

    I was probably unlucky. It was more the company’s response that annoyed me. I run an e-commerce business and I would have sent out a replacement if a customer had contacted me with the same issue (unless they were obviously taking the piss) – it’s not worth the negative publicity and the hassle.


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    I picked up some Troy Lee speed sleeves last night for a trip to BPW.  I was tempted to go light rather than heavy, so that I actually use them more than once a year (plus they were the only ones in the shop), but what kind of protection do they offer?

    Do they just stop you getting scabby knees, or would they actually do anything to reduce joint damage that might have you limping?


    im watching this thread with intruige

    ive got some ixs flow – not very old, probably a little too bulky for my liking and they rubbed on the back every so often, so I got some raceface charge knee pads, which are basically like knee/shin warmers with a little padding on the knee

    they are really comfy – don’t slip and can wear them all day, just really the lack of padding is the major drawback – but this time of year when its grim they are a great compromise, as they act as leg warmers with a little knee protection

    that said – ive been looking at those troy lee speeds for a while as they look to have more protection than the RF charges and probably better in summer months as not as long

    do the TLD speeds stay up with out slipping and no rubbing??


    I’m trying some TLD speeds alongside the IXS Flow so will report back!

    cool – yeh let us know – my ixs flow are the older ones, not those flow lite + or whatever they are called…

    the speeds look spot on


    Dainese mk1 trailskins, going good. Occasioanlly have to re-set the hexagons into the foam after washing them and un-pick all the fluff out the velcro. Got some older bluegrass proper cup kneepads for big days at revs etc.

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    D3o or sas tech is great protection for general loamy stuff, but if you regularly ride on rocky trails, you might want to consider something with a hard shell because foam wont prevent damage from the hard pointy stuff. In the STW tradition of recommending what you’ve got; Ion K Lites have sas tech foam and a lightweight shell. They’ve saved me from serious injury more than once.


    I was having the same dilemma a few months ago and tried several pairs from crc and my lbs. I wanted to like the Alpine Stars Paragons as they were cheap, comfy, light n breathable, but had a decent amount of protection. Unfortunately, they were too loose on top cuff and also a bit flimsy. Ixs flow evo were nice, felt good quality and comfy, with nice thick slab of d30 padding. Only reason I didn’t ho for them was they were a little short, very little shin coverage and upper cuff was a bit low. Dakine slayers were great, really comfy, good coverage and nice robust but breathable material. I went for these, but unfortunately  had issues with stitching coming away after 3 rides, so got a refund and picked up a pair of 7idp Sam Hills as they’d just been released. Really great pad. Best I’ve tried, light, comfy, very secure and with a decent amount of protection. Bit pricy though. These are keepers 👍

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