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  • Premier Icon jamj1974

    Bought some of the new Continental Trail King 2.2 UST. Haven’t mounted them yet but have heard they come up smaller than the previous Rubber Queen 2.2’s. Is this the case?


    i thought they were exactly the same tyre, all they have done is re-brand the name.

    Premier Icon hatter

    Skeetsgb speaks the truth, they were rebranded because some of the big American store wouldn’t carry them because of the name.



    Silly isn’t it. I’ve had lots of fun evenings in the woods with a couple of big fat rubber queens.

    Premier Icon timmys

    At some point the 2.2 Rubber Queens did get a bit smaller but it was prior to the change to the Trail King name.

    Judging by the ones I’ve bought, I suspect it was at the same time that they changed the graphics from this;

    to this:

    I’ve got one of the bigger 2.2’s on the front and a smaller 2.2 on the rear. The difference isn’t massive but if you are looking for the big size they were famous for I’d probably look for some 2.4’s


    Great tyres either way – good choice!

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    I have had a couple of pairs of them so far and rate them. Didn’t want to find that suddenly a generous 2.2 had become 2.0! Thanks for the info!


    I’ve never noticed the size difference. good tyres for the price

    I couldn’t see a difference when I got some of the ‘new’ ones – have you measured it?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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