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  • Trail-gator any good
  • Riofer
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    Anyone using a trail gator to tow their little one along, are they a good option or should I be looking g for any alternatives?

    I want to be able to give my 4 yr old a tow when his stamina starts to wane on longer rides.

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    We had one, it worked well for hooking up the kids once they got tired, easy to fit, worth it!

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    I bought 2 over the years, think they are ace.

    Protect the kids headtube with a cut up old road tyre which will also increase the grip.

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    They are brilliant.

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    They’re ok, best of the options for a child that isn’t confident riding their own bike. I’ve moved hoppy jr onto a dog lead tow to help him when he’s flagging which he prefers, is quicker to set up, lighter and a bit more versatile. Up to that point he was on a trailor gator and we rode a lot of places with it, glentress and CyB blues longer rides on cycle paths/forest trails, etc.

    We’re selling ours if you’re interested.

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    I went for a Trail Angel instead; very similar idea, get on with ours really well.

    You can really tell when the mini-stoker is helping pedal!

    I’m set up with a WeeRide too for Jr (after a kind offer from on here) and the combo works really well for our two. They’re heavy though (the kids, not the bike)!

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    think the “easy to fit” could vary a bit depending on the kids bike frame – seem to recall took me a couple of hours to get right – don’t plan on it being a get it sorted 5 minutes before we go out job

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    Thanks everyone sounds like it will be a good option for the next year or so until he has the stamina and skills to be towed along. Good tip on protecting the kids bike with an old TYRE :-).

    Mr Hoppy, I need to pick one up today for a ride tomorrow so unless you’re in Sheffield, I’ll have to head to JeJames to pick one up.

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    I found that you have to torque the bolts that hold the attachment on to the head tube of the kids bike that tight, it actually started to dig in to to the bike. If not, you would find your child being towed at a jaunty angle, about 2 miles from home. Luckily I have used a sacrificial 14 and 16 inch, £5 eBay special, for the tow bike for this reason.

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    Looked at Follow-me tandem as an alternative? Holds the bike much more steady rather than flopping from side to side.

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    Just got a follow me and it’s an amazing bit of kit, great to ride somewhere unhook, ride together then re attach and tow home

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