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  • Nah, it was really about overtaking riders when travelling in the same direction, but I don’t mind the diversion to 2 way trails.

    If it’s a fast (descent) section of a 2 way trail, I imagine both riders (coming towards each other) are generally going to stop if it’s a piece of singletrack that doesn’t allow passing.

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    Thought we were talking about two way trails? don’t really know about on a trail centre – there is one and only one bit at GT I can think of where yo cannot see if someone is on the landing on a dropoff. Dunno really

    I can’t think of anywhere at GT TBH.

    I would say at a trail centre you are entitled to expect people not riding the wrong way. Bridleways / natural trails I would say the general rule of “Don’t be a dick” covers 99% of occurences. Personally i’m not the best at technical climbing so anything “interesting” to descend I’d probably be off the bike on the way up. If I was descending a tricky section and someone was riding up it I’d probably get off the bike and applaud!

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    TSY – there is only one correct answer. 🙄

    I like to be treated as a woman …

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    One thing that I do, and let others do, but seems to annoy a small minority of others – if I’m riding up to the summit (say, top of Spooky Wood) and I’m not stopping, I’ll ride through the folks hanging around beside the trail and keep going. Not people on bikes waiting to ‘drop in’ but the ones bimbling around getting ready to leave.

    I do this and it really seems to wind some people up. Even when I make eye contact and say “hi” to give them a chance to go first if they’re ready.

    One time at CyB there was a big group chatting away at the top of a long climb. I roll past into the next section and a couple of them set off in “hot pursuit”.

    And I was holding them off fine until I got a hole in my tubeless tyre, at which point one of them rolled by and THANKED ME FOR STOPPING!

    I probably shouted “I didn’t stop, I’ve got a flat”.


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Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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