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  • Trail conditions more like Summer than winter?
  • bonesetter

    Loving the trails these past few days. NO mud whatsoever (Clent Hills), hard, really fast rolling – using a summer tyre, high volume for some more cush – great stuff!

    Don’t even have to wash the bike, which is a good job as the hose is frozen


    Much the same up here in North Wales, like summer with the odd ice runnel thrown in


    33 miles today and no mud 🙂 Even ended up with dust on the bike!


    dusty trails on the Surrey Hills too. Word must have been out though as their were also summer sized crowds at the infamous Peaslake Stores!


    42 miles in Thetford yesterday on the SS, and another 17 today over on the Winter Series 3 course in Tunstall.

    Both days, fast as mid summer, how totally cool is that.

    I love bikes!


    Everything rock hard here in the west country.

    Done Forest of Dean,Ashton Court,Ashton Hill Plantation,Local singletrack and Mendips this week. All hard and very fast and VERY rough! Mendips this morning was beautiful. Can remember one week in early May when it was this hard.

    Looks set to continue for at least another week. Not looking forward to it all thawing out though!

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    The trails on the edge of the Peaks were really fast and hard on New Years eve when I last rode.
    Stuck now with a horrible cold and cough, so hoping that the conditions stay like this until I’m next out.

    Apart for some thick ice on the odd country lane, causing some bad language and o.m.g. moments, it’s the best riding I can remember for months.


    Yep, some of the best riding for a long time. Goto to drag yourself out, but always very worth it.

    Camlebak feeder hose froze today too – that was a first

    Premier Icon nickc

    Hard and fast and better still, empty, in the Chilterns today.

    Hard and fast here in Scotland as well. Nice except for the frozen puddles hiding under a dusting of snow, and the 400m of rough Landrover track I did today with ice all the way down both ruts

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    It’s like riding in Oz at the moment. Hard, dry, except there’s ice and it’s fffreeeeezzzing!


    Eh! They’re yeuch here; slippy, sloppy and then frozen and icy all in one ride. Been ice skating on the Lochs instead!

    Cold and lovely my last few rides out. That lovely forzen dusty sort of thing.

    Feet are cold, though!

    Premier Icon lunge

    Just got back from a touch of night riding over Clent and it was frozen solid, great fun to ride. Also found some new singletrack which made for a really good few hours riding.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    very strange in the forest of new – frozen potholed “churn” from passing cows & hosses, all floating on a still-wet base of sticky clay bogginess

    (though I did get on to some bits that I normally have to save ’til June)


    Hard, dusty and fast in Belgium too 😉 Frozen hoof prints are as bad as tractor trails though!!!


    Dry in the Peaks today. Very good conditions. Just watching out for the sheets of ice though.

    Premier Icon ton

    i found some slippy n slidy mud in miggy woods earlier on.


    its cool but your fecked when you wash out !!! 😯

    Yesterday at Llandegla was like a summers day,albeit a minus 3 summers day.Dusty frame & fork stanchions after the ride – great !!!! Today at the Marin it was more of the same,if anything the snow that was on the ground gave a bit more grip….super fun.

    Premier Icon sturmey

    Hebden bridge worsthorne route was really dry and hard today 24 miles and a clean bike at the end just the ice covered with a dusting of snow to watch for.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Freezing cold on Darwen moor, but the riding was the best I can ever recall. All the bogs were frozen solid and the frozen mud had so much grip. Was Ace.


    The sun got the better of it today at Wharnecliffe, started to get muddy under the powerlines.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    The lakes yesterday,

    dust and ice

    wierd, and a bit dodgy at times, fast as hell over the peaty stuff though

    Premier Icon chakaping

    It’s even faster than summer down my way.

    Even the pockets of thick mud in my local woods that never dry out were rideable because they were frozen solid – with all sorts of fun new lines becoming possible.

    Going to skive off for a couple of hours again tomorrow, enjoy it while it lasts.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Yeah I noticed how busy the Surrey Hills were yesterday, probably busier than they ever were over the summer! Leith Hill tower was crazy too.

    Still, dusty bike in January is pretty awesome!

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