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  • trail conditions – hamsters vs gisburn vs llandegla
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    planning a trail centre day tomorrow from Sheffield, just trying to figure out where is going to be least muddy \ snowy tomorrow. Anyone been out today that can give me a steer?

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    Guisborough woods/ n yorks moors was a treat, beautifully sunny, ground frozen solid, few icy patches and the odd muddy bit that was in the sun, but not too deep, if it stays as cold and doesn’t rain wherever you go will be cracking, have a belter!!!

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    There will be some snow up at Gisburn now, but temps are expected to rise overnight with rain so I don’t know how much will stick around. I’d expect some slushiness and ice hanging around here and there, at the very least.

    This from the FB feed from yesterday.

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    Hamsterly was slippy today on transmission and the top fire roads had 2-3 inches of snow and ice on for heavy going, due to rain overnight and all day tomorrow up here.

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    Degla was slippy on the exposed trails today but fine in the woods… Temp is +4/5 tomorrow so should be perfect

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    Was at gisburn first thing this morning and did a full lap.
    Bits under the trees were fine.
    Fire road and other exposed sections were frozen solid, ridable with care, but will be worse it it freezes hard again tonight.

    The roads off the a59 are quite bad too.

    Wouldn’t travel from sheffield to it.


    Premier Icon eddie11
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    It’s hammers btw.

    Premier Icon nosedive
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    cheers everyone. sounds like deggars has it. probably an easier drive as well

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