Trail conditions at the Golfie

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  • Trail conditions at the Golfie
  • cultsdave

    Thinking of heading to the Golfie tomorrow from Aberdeen and just wondering how dry the trails are before I make the trip. Been pretty wet up here and the trails are pretty boggy. Think it has been drier down there?



    Someone must know??


    Even when soaked the Golfie trails still run well with plenty grip. I’d crack on regardless

    Premier Icon moonsaballoon

    Was there yesterday and it was a bit wet but nothing ridiculous . New York new York was a bit damp and there were a few puddles around and some shiny slippery roots but mostly pretty good considering the summer we are having . The trails on the lower part of the hill were fine

    b r

    We were at Yair (about 8 miles from Golfie) last night, it was wetter than its been for a while. And been raining this evening.

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