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  • Trail camera / nature cam
  • properbikeco
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    Interesting in getting one of these for seeing what is emptying the bird feeder!
    Any recommendations on a decent one up to £50ish

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    I use a few K&F Concept camera’s to keep an eye on my trails. There just cheap trail/hunting cams but have lasted me a fair while and spend pretty much all year round deep in my local woods.

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    I’m currently making up one of these with the kids. Don’t need to buy the full kit if you already have some of the parts. Only used on the kitchen table so far but works.


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    If it’s just for identification then anything off Amazon around that price will do – Apeman, Campark, Crenova. The picture quality is all much of a muchness, regardless of how many megapixels they claim. I gone through 2-3 per year for the last few years – they always tend to fail after 9-12month when outside 24/7 (replaced under warranty from Amazon). I’ve recently bought a couple of Browning ones – more expensive, batteries last much longer and they seem to lasting longer outside but the image quality is worse that the cheapy Crenovas I used to have.

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    We got a cheap Campark (T45) off Amazon. Only put it out a few nights every so often, batteries last probably 5 lots of 12 hours recording but for night-time they do need 1.5A batteries, rechargeables (1.2A) just don’t work and so we have a load of batteries that have run down to below 1.2A now to use in other things!

    Our microphone doesn’t work, probably just a manufacturing issue but not worth the effort to return it. Picture quality is fine, better in daylight, perfectly good for ID. Ours only does a max of 30 seconds of video clip at a time, then a 5 second delay (or more) so you don’t get continuous video, but again enough to ID. In-law has T85 which seems to have a better spread of light at night (our T45 has a bit of a ‘spotlight’ which can overexpose stuff closeby). And their microphone works! We find the IR works more than 10 m (gets set off by e.g. people on footpath outside our garden) but seems pretty reliable for small birds upwards.

    Example video from T45:badger

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    Anybody tried a 4G one? I see they are available from £60ish?

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    i’ve an apeman, with the LEDs that you can see in the dark. next time i’ll get black leds
    It does have a ‘spotlight’ too.
    It got some good images, at night, and looks good in day too
    One of the plastic clips broke, and it failed to record after almost a year, but I got a refund.

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