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  • shermer75

    Fixed sprockets need a lockring, which threads in the opposite direction. You can put a freewheel on this, as the lockring thread is recessed, but you will only be using half of the thread on the freewheel so it advised against. Never tried it myself. Some hubs have both types, one on each side.


    The threads are different for a fixed “cog” as opposed to a bmx style freewheel…. You can pick up hubs that have fixed on one side and freewheel the other…. I got a cheap set of wheels from on-one for mine…

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    It’s mostly to do with the length of the thread and therefore to protect the manufacturer from claims when somebody with Hoy type legs rips the thread off. Although he managed OK with a short thread.

    Edit – I’m pretty sure the thread size is the same. I had my fixed cog on a freewheel only hub for a while.

    Righto, as suspected. She is 5’6 and not exactly a power house so would it be ok to put a freewheel on the Miche, or should I just choose a different hub. Good bearings is my primary concern.


    Make her ride fixed. 42:16 would be fine, even for one of limited stature. And she will learn to spin like a god!

    The hubs are bombproof, I have the same and they have been great throughout this winter, day in, day out.

    Hey all, I’m building Mrs BS a single gear road bike for commuting into town and back, she already has a singlespeed mtb for this but wants a bit more speed out of the mission. Not interested in gears as I want to keep maintenance to a minimum.

    All sorted bar the wheels. Looking to build some for her and had been looking at Miche Primato Track hubs on Mavic Open Sport. Frame has 120mm dropout. Can anyone tell me why some track hubs say “not for freewheel use” please? I want to use a freewheel as she’s not ready for full fixed yet. Is it something to do with the length of the thread, or is it the direction of the thread, or maybe something else entirely?

    Any suggestions for hubs or help with my question above. Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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