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  • you need these for the extra weight!!

    Hehe it’s a Volvo, it’s not the lightest car to start with especially as there is approximate 5tonnes of trim and the current calipers weigh a tonne too so I doubt I’ll notice!! :p

    I do however think its wise since I’m up’ong the push from 220bhp to 300+!


    hi mark

    yes mate that is chips car.

    I read your post just after I posted mine and remembered a mark iirc you worked for goodridge ? you had a black pulsar and im sure you were having problems killing gearboxes

    Yeah still working there and still own the gti-r, had it for nearly 12 years now 😯

    I killed a few gearboxes over the years, its got a 2.3 stroker engine in now so had to upgrade to a quaife box to cope with the extra torque. Its currently off the road waiting for a new turbo/manifold set up, im aiming for around 450-500bhp this time!

    Was it your astra that had the every bit of excess metal chopped away? Didn’t the doors used to flop around when you opened them 😆


    bazzer – Member

    If we are going to do Coombe pictures, this is me circa 98

    Is that a Chimera?

    slackalice – Member

    Not a particularly good pic, but this started as a very original GTi, turned track day car, turned full on mod-prod hill climb and sprint missile… 20 or so years ago now. My, how time flies. It was great fun but a total money pit!

    I love mk1’s.

    cbmotorsport – Member

    And so it begins!!

    At least you have rear discs. Samy has drums until next week. Got bigger ‘Cossie’ brakes up front though.

    Off to Snetterton on Thursday. Last hurrah for the rear drums before they’re swapped out next week. Can’t wait.


    The car has 16″ Speedline Turini’s fitted as were standard on the 172 Cup. There’s a vast difference in price between 15″ and 16″ track tyres, and very little diference in performance. So I set about finding a set of 15″ wheels.

    Occasionally, Ebay throws up a bargain, and here they are:

    Pretty hideous, badly painted, out dated, 15″ alloys from a Mk1 Clio 16v. (same fitment)

    They are all in great condition under the bodged white paint, so once I’ve given them a good scuff up with a wire brush on the power drill, I’ll rattle can them matt black.

    I will run them without the centre caps and they will look like this (not my car, and mine will be better painted):

    £28 for 4, so £7 each, and the seller was 2 miles from work. 🙂

    Many people spend a fortune on track wheels, I’ve never seen the point. These will do perfectly. The money I’ve saved is being invested in more important areas such as…

    I have ordered these today. AST Sportline 2’s valved and sprung for track use. They are a very good set of coilovers, and would be good enough to use in the future if I ever dip the toe again in the racing world.

    Should have the car back from having the belts and gearbox leak done this week, and be able to do a few bits this weekend. 🙂


    This weekend, I have;

    a. the steering column bearing to change.
    b. the driver’s seat to swap out (mk3 MX-5 going in).
    c. decat pipes to fit (cat’s are split and blowing).
    d. the rear roof struts to swap.
    e. the wing mirrors to swap.
    f. some brackets to fit for the rear flexi hoses.
    g. swap out temp BZP bolts for stainless versions.

    All dependant upon parts turning up.


    Beautiful day at Snetterton yesterday;

    Premier Icon numbnut

    I had the vRS estate on order from the beginning of December but got messed around a lot with build dates. When the build date disappeared from the system I had had enough and cancelled. Shame really as it would have been my 4th!
    A mate had a few Clio 16v and ended up with the Trophy. Very useful track cars!

    Here’s mine

    Very nice mk1fan! Lovely day for it. Snetterton is usually the coldest, winiest place on earth, but that looks lovely. What did you think of the circuit?

    Numbnut – Yes, mine disappeared again, but is now scheduled for July delivery. I am near breaking point, and will cancel if there is the slightest whiff of any further delays. Really cross as I’m also due to do the Passporte du Soleil at the end of june, and need the car to trasnport us and bikes down there. Currently trying to get Skoda to supply me with an estate car or that weekend.



    There was a [new] blue VRs being driven in a spirited manner at Snetterton.

    Despite the lack of elevation change, Snetterton is a great circuit. Was on the ‘300’. The Bombhole is beautiful and Hamilton is trickier than first appears. Happy to return.

    The next booked date I have is a Javelin organised day at Anglesey on the 14th of July. Probably not going to do one in June as I have a mini Euro Tour round northern Europe.

    I really need to sort out a day at Brands this year. I’m still of the mind that, in Indy form, it’s a ‘poor’ circuit but people keep telling me different.

    Other than that, Croft and Castle Coombe are also on my ‘to do’ list.

    Luckily, Samy has registered 86dB at both the days I’ve done in her (Cadwell in the wet and Snetterton in the dry).

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