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  • tobsters

    Hi all,

    Sorry, bit of a dadsnet question here… Need some cool present ideas for my son’s 2nd birthday and am lacking inspiration. Anyone got any recommendations for toys that have worked their nippers of a similar age?

    He’s not coordinated enough for a balance bike yet, think that’ll have to wait for another 6-12 months…



    <watches with interest> Got a 20mth old and Christmas coming up. I am the worst person for buying presents, people either get nothing or something they don’t really need.

    In answer to your question how about one of them VTech tablet type thingies?


    Anything without batteries.

    wooden train set, tesco do a decent one


    Micro-scooter. Without a doubt the best value for money toy we bought our 2-year old. She’s now 4 and still using it.


    Something with wheels on it you can either pull or push around and put things in.


    Cardboard boxes.


    Ha yes, the micro scooter thingy with the three wheels is already on the list. Its a double whammy for us of his birthday on xmas eve, then xmas… so I’m going to need a full list of ideas to cover both!

    toy piano – our lad goes nuts for it,noisy-check, irritating-check, developmentally ambiguous-check, £40 off tinternet-check

    Premier Icon kimbers

    wooden train set +1


    Duplo, duplo and more duplo. I wish I’d bought more of the train stuff earlier. Now moving onto Lego trains.

    Oh and a 3 wheel Micro scooter worked well before the balance bike.


    Wooden train set, we started at two years or earlier, and it was out every day until Star Wars Lego took over to aged seven.
    You are never stuck for birthdays or Christmas, just get more track, engines or buildings, it can even run from room to room and take over the house!

    Premier Icon steveoath

    Seems perfect age for a toddle bike.

    Toddler pre balance bike



    Wooden train set, duplo, play do (sp), football, rugby ball, iPad, stones (our lad loved putting them down drains!!??


    Thomas the tank engine books train set and bedding. The trains take batteries but we use reusable. Crankbrat is a big Thomas fan . I plan to get the plastic car track xtrax ? For him for Xmas cars are also a major fixation.

    Funkydoc crankbrat is also into his gravel puts it down the drain throws it at anything that makes a noise including windows doors and the greenhouse . At least he has stopped trying to eat it.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Our 2 yr old loves his Pukylino which is a pre balance bike. He’s had it over a year and even though he can now ride and scoot his proper balance bike he still uses it for an hour a day at least.

    He also loves mega bloks, a plastic ELC police car that has woo-woo noise and lights and his books, particularly ones with things to point and name like vehicles and animals.

    Mega bloks
    Noisy cars

    And if you can stretch and it won’t be an issue then a Pukylino bike.


    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    A box of sticks.
    Some lengths of guttering.
    Ribbons, string, glittery things.
    Small builders tarp.
    Old bags.
    Log rounds.
    Cardboard boxes.
    A bag of leaves.
    Hat, gloves and waterproofs.
    Leave them to it for a few minutes. (google loose materials play, or visit Juliet’s blog at creativestarlearning.

    Premier Icon paladin

    Brio trains, second hand if you can find them, half the price, makes no difference to a 2 year old, they’re still delighted.

    Tools. (Hammers and all that, they love em).


    a peppa pig bouncy castle


    Good work, thanks all. So it looks like we’ll be extending his Brio collection (‘network’ in train terminology?), getting him a micro scooter, and starting him on some Duplo. Any further ideas welcome…



    My two year old loves his balance bike…. He’s been on it a year! But not as much as grandad’s car (toy landrover)

    He also loves his little tikes truck…

    Untitled by passtherizla, on Flickr[/img]

    +squillions on wooden trains, books with pictures of things to point at and name, and noisy cars.

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