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  • Toxic paint fumes – how to clear ?
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    Anybody have any experience with clearing paint fumes from especially nasty gloss paint and varnish ?

    It’s in a common stair and nasty bully upstairs won’t let me leave any doors open even when I explained about the midnight puking from the fumes. “I can’t smell them in my flat” oh well thats OK then. I tried reasoning and pleading.

    Workies finally finished a week or so ago and it still makes my eyes water.

    T’internet recommends buckets of water, buckets of charcoal, burning a candle, putting half onions out. However I am trying to keep the Crazy Lady stuff to a minimum what with the bikes, motorbike and rollerskates that ship may have sailed.

    Any advice appreciated !


    If they’ve used non low VOC paints then I’d be extremely surprised.
    Are there no windows or vents at all to this communal space?

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    Nope no windows or vents, only a front door and back door. Neighbour argues that the cold caused the need for the replastering in the first place and he is a tight-fisted jobby.

    It was also one of his dodgy mates from the trade that did the work (on weekends so no doubt off the books) so wouldn’t surprise me if they used cheap/old paint. It honks, seriously, even after a week of my best efforts to get it ventilated ! I get headachy if in the house too long.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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