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  • The two bike thule one is only about a tenner more form some places. Might not be any better, but I’d be suspicious of hanging the weight of three bikes off something that cost less than my helmet!

    I picked up a 2nd hand Aiston wheel suppourt rack for £40 (well actualy £60 as the original owner had lost the bracket), it’s strong enough to stand on so I’ve absolute conficence in it. Only downside it it needs a socket/spanner to nip up the retaining bolts, but it’s still a 3 minute job to fit it, and the bikes are going nowhere!

    Edric 64

    Mine is similar cost 15 quid and will take 3 bikes at a push

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    Sorry to hijack this thread. TINAS do you have any photos of your rack as I am thinking of buying one? Cheers Des

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    Hi all, does anyone have one of these tow ball racks. If so, any good? It’ll mostly just be used with one or two bikes, but it would be good to be able to fit three at a squeeze. Plus I’d like to be able to fit and remove it quickly. I’m on a tight budget which is why I’m looking at this rather than the usual recommendations, Thule etc. Ta.

    Nope, anything in particular you want to know about it though?

    I’d definately recomend it, I was originaly looking at the tool free Thule ones or Pendle, but after seeing how solidly built it was there was no competition. And it only takes 30s to nip up the bolts.

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    I now have a Thule Easyfold, holds 2 bikes. What I like about it is, you can drop the rack (complete with bikes) forward to open the tailgate. Only downside as far as the OP is concerned is the price.
    Having gone through a few tailgate ones, I think that anything that sits on the tow bar is the way forward.

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    Yes I just was unsure how the frame is secured as obviously the wheels sit in the support and its not that clear from the website.

    There’s an upright pole for each bike with a sliding upside down hook on it, lower the hook over the top tube (and do the securing nut up) set up the bike and post (there’s two holes the post can slot into) in the right positions and the hook falls into the joint between top tube and seatube stopping the bike moving in any direction, or if the top tubes flat enough (road bike or MTB’s ~18″ and above) then having it in the middle of the top tube stops the bike being able to roll upwards out of the wheel supourts anyway and it’s less likley to foul the cranks or swingarm.

    I go belt and braces and use some ~8″ bungee cords to hold the wheels in the rack. Or one long one from the headtube to the rear wheel suppourt to stop it going forewards (the slope of the TT means it definately can’t go back).

    If that’s not clear I’ll get some pics next time I use it (probably tuesday).


    This universal cycle carrier is ideal for transporting either one or two bicycles

    Yet there are clearly three sets of securing straps.

    Would recommend saving up for a wheel support type as the bikes are much easier to load (especially if you have slightly unusual frame shapes). Don’t forget that the one you linked to doesn’t include a lightboard, so it isn’t as cheap as it seems. You also need to think about what you are trusting to keep your bikes safe in transit – scrimping may not be a good idea (But the ebay rack may be good quality) –

    I can only comment on the (Excellent) Thule RideOn 9503 which has served me well for 5 years (the 9502 is the 2 bike version) but there is a reasonable selection of others available from

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    Cheers TINAS, exactly what I was looking for info wise. Pics would be super, many thanks!

    Just been faffing in the garage and took some pics, ygm

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