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  • tow ball bike rack – grease the ball?
  • Premier Icon chakaping

    I’ve never greased mine, sounds quite pleasant though.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    No grease

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Grease free

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    My thule manual suggested you could clean it up a bit with solvent every now and again though. Not that I ever have.


    When towing the ball is greased to allow the join to pivot freely, I don’t think you want the rack doing the same!

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    You should only grease the towball if the hitchlock rotates on it, like a trailer would.

    Even then it should only be greased if you’re using a traditional hitchlock, not an Alko type stabiliser.

    As you’re using a rack with no need to pivot I’d personally avoid using grease as you want as much friction as possible between the clamp and towball to reduce any chance of slipping.

    If your towball is painted I’d even recommend removing the paint with some emery paper before attaching the clamp for the first time.


    Not greased and using the same rack


    hello – just had a tow bar fitted to my car – and got an Atera Strada rack to go on it (thanks for the recommendations on my earlier thread everyone)

    The guy who did the fitting just said I should grease the ball (he knew I was using it for bikes and not a caravan) – however a quick google suggests this advise is incorrect and only applies to caravans and trailers – in fact my tow ball should be clean and grease free

    So – just to be sure, does everyone here keep their balls clean?


    No grease, you need the friction to stop it moving

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Grease the ball or rub with emery paper……. 😕

    Today’s dilemma

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