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  • I doubt there will be boxes – I’ve never heard of airports having them. Some airlines let you just take the bike with nothing extra done to it, but what most people I know do is organise one from a nearby bike shop in advance so if you have a day in Paris to do this you should be fine. Alternatively some airlines say you can use a bag and so I’ve used the CTC plastic one in the past fine which has worked well and it is pretty light so could be carried with you.

    CTC travelling by air link

    Thanks. I’m flying with an airline who would probably take a measure of pleasure in telling me a bag wasn’t sufficient so I will probably try and source a box from a LBS.

    “Un boîtier, s’il vous plaît?”

    I’m cycling down to Bordeaux in August, and then returning via train to Paris, and then plane to Manchester.

    Does anyone know how i’d go about packing my bike up for my return flight? Are there boxes you can use in Paris CDG (free or otherwise)?


    It’s worth checking what the airline say in their “smallprint” – you might be suprised! If it does say a bag (or that you need to do nothing much) just print out the text and take it with you – I’ve found that useful a few times!


    Boîte is what you need to ask for, boîtier is a bottom bracket or emballage (packing) de velo, un carton de velo

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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