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  • Premier Icon lesgrandepotato

    I’m switching out the 105 triple from my tourer (ahem sorry gravel) bike.
    I’ve fitted an old XT triple for better ratios. However the front mech doesn’t seem to have enough swing? What do I need? Xt front mech? I’m using 105 shifters.
    3*10 sped.

    Premier Icon smokey_jo

    MTB and road mechs have different pull ratios, you’ll need a road triple mech

    Premier Icon Bez

    I’m assuming you have your road triple mech and the XT chainset.

    The ring positions will all be 2.5mm further out, so you’ll need to:
    – wind the “L” screw in a bit to set the granny ring position
    – wind the “H” screw out a bit to set the big ring position
    – use the inline cable adjuster to add a bit of cable tension to set the middle ring position (if you don’t have an inline barrel you’ll need o use the cable anchor bolt)

    Premier Icon lesgrandepotato

    Cheers chaps – all now sorted.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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