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  • busydog

    jameso–thanks, I know the area around both FR28 and FR159 as I have camped in the area a number of times, so that clarifies what I was trying to figure out.
    I think the actual fire was east of you—not surprised you encountered the smoke—almost the whole damn state is smoky these days waiting for the monsoon season (actually got 1/2 inch of rain here last night–first real measurable rain in almost 6 months).

    Premier Icon jameso

    and thanks for the +ve comments, it’s appreciated.

    Well done to Mike and you JamesO. Simply getting to the start line , knowing whats in front of you is an acheivement in itself .
    Any major mechanicals with the bike?

    Premier Icon geoffj

    James – how about doing it one of your own bikes next time 😉


    WELL DONE JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just out of interest are you based in Stroud ❓

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Great ride James, well done on a massive achievement. A couple of years ago your speed was ~record pace subject to re-routes in NM. Enjoyed following your blue dot.

    Mike has made a call in:



    Mike hae told be before leaving that once you finish you normally have another day to pedal back to civilisation. …so a finish meeting was planned for him. He now gets some R&R and to visit the Pivot guys befor flying home next week.

    he found time to go for a relaxing…… ride out of Phoenix. Nutcase.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Great to see some pics James!
    Very impressive sleeping and washing out – respect!
    Looking forward to hearing a few more details once you’ve settled back into normal life (which will probably be a real comedown) 🙂


    Awesome achievement James. Mike had a lot more experience but you did amazing for a rookie and such a different race with the others so that must have added a whole different dimension for you than just being out on your own!

    Premier Icon jameso

    STmind – A couple of rear flats, a cut sidewall and a cut tread that I didn’t fix properly 1st time meant 3 stops for UST faff, but otherwise no mechanicals aside from a broken frame-bag zip that I stitched up on day 2. That and some right-hand nerve issues / numb fingers made getting things in and out of the bag hard so I just left stuff in there and faffed less. I aimed to get through on the same parts as I started on (hence the 1×6 gearing that didn’t do me much good in the last sprint!) and it worked out, no bike shop stops needed.

    Blackhound, thanks, and thanks for the advice earlier in the year, very much appreciated.

    Qwerty, thanks; Stroud-born but living in Herts now, ah well. Still love the Cotswolds.

    Bland, it would have been an easier ride for me without the pressure of such close racing all the way but they pushed me harder and in the end I rode better for it. Without Alex on my case I’d never have experienced the sleep-monster side of endurance riding later in the race ) a surreal place..

    Geoffj, Jeff Jones did a better job there )

Viewing 10 posts - 281 through 290 (of 290 total)

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