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  • Toupe on a XC bike?
  • Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Very marginal, i've seen break on xc bikes. do you want a all day ride cut sort for the sake of a few grams?
    Try a SDG bel air RL/ST and a i beam combo, comfy and pretty light.


    I've snapped a Toupe when racing. It snapped across the hull at it's narrowist point. I'm now using the Phenom sl, it gives away a few grams but esentially it's the same seat just beefier.


    Im using a Toupe on my XC bike in the short term as I broke my Alias.


    I have a Toupe on my road bike and Phenom SL's on both mountain and cross bikes. Both similar construction but SL is firmer with more padding in the nose. I weigh about 78 kilos and all have been fine during 2 years regular use.

    Premier Icon markyd

    Anyone here use a spesh toupe on a XC bike? Wondering if the Ti rails on what I guess is meant to be a road saddle will last the course? I'm 86kg and looking to fit one to a 4" bike for marathons. Mainly asking as I seem to have broken two saddles on my commuter recently!


    I'm about 95 kg. Have one on my XC 4" racer. One on the road bike and one on commuter. I've snapped one on my racer after two years, replaced it with the same one as I find it to be the most comfy one. My 2p.


    On 2 of my roabikes but not on my xc as it's not tough enough!

    Just use spesh xc Phenom unless you're a uber light and uber weight weenie.

    I wouldn''t want to replace my saddle often or have one break during a ride.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I can think of at least 10 Toupes that I've seen snap on MTBs, two of them under me, both times the shell snapped.

    Phenom SL is the way to go, although I'll be trying the new Toupe SL Carbon when it appears.

    Premier Icon aracer

    If you're into that sort of narrow shape, then whilst I appreciate it doesn't have that "scientific" cut out, plenty of us happily use SLRs on our MTBs.


    Picked up an OEM toupe that came on a road bike, but has cromo rails. Been on my soul for 9 months and all is well, I give the bit a fair bit of hammer but I also have the body of a child 😳

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